The Queen’s Pawn by Christy English

The Queen’s Pawn is a captivating story. I love it when I read a novel that holds my attention to the very end and leaves me wanting more. It takes great skill and talent for an author to do so. Christy English is one of those authors. She puts so much passion and emotion into her characters and the story she tells.

The Queen’s Pawn is a story of Princess Alais of France who is sent to England to wed Prince Richard. Richard is the son of Henry the Second and Queen Eleanor. Princess Alais and Queen Eleanor quickly form a loving mother/daughter relationship. When Alais becomes of age she is swept up in court life. She becomes a strong women and Eleanor sees that as a threat, in my opinion. Although Eleanor loves her as a daughter, she betrays her. Alais wants revenge and she gets it! As the story unfolds she sees the error of her ways, she must make a choice. Will it be the right one? You will just have to read this book to find out! I highly recommend that you do.

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