Layered Pages Review Team

I have the pleasure of introducing Layered Pages new review team members! What a great group of ladies & gentleman.

My name is Mary and I am 21 year old from Austin, TX. I’ve lived here most of my life but was born in San Bernardino, CA. I’m an avid reader with a penchant for Juvenile and Teen books as well as any mystery or fantasy I can get my hands on. Really though I’ll read anything. 😉 My aspiration is to earn enough to own a home and then fill it with books~

My name is Kavita, and I love reading all kinds of books, but I prefer some genres more than others. The topics I find most interesting to read are:

Ghost Stories
Historical Fiction
Historical Non-fiction (certain eras)
Women’s Issues
Feminist history
Political history
Murder mysteries
Crime thrillers

In addition, I am also open to experimenting with reading new genres, and new authors. I have two blogs for which I have to read a lot in order to research. One is on Henry VIII, whom I consider one of the most intriguing men in history and the other is on social institutions either imposed on women or developed over the years.

I welcome this opportunity to be able to discover new authors and great books. Thanks to Stephanie!

Lois Houston: I’m so excited to be joining the Layered Pages review team!
I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I love getting lost in a story, immersing myself in the characters and whiling away the time in another world. I was one of those kids in school who loved reading the classics we were assigned – one of my favorites was The Count of Monte Cristo, which I have read many times since then. I love to read all sorts of books, however historical fiction, mysteries and action/thrillers seem to be my current favorites. Authors I love: Phillippa Gregory, Steve Berry, James Rollins, P.B. Ryan, Sara Addison Allen, Diana Gabaldon, Elizabeth Peters (love Amelia Peabody!), Margaret George, Susan Carroll, the list goes on and on…

With two pre-teen daughters and a full-time job, I don’t have as much time to read as I would like, but I manage to squeeze in some time every day. My favorite way to read is snuggled up under a warm blanket with a kitty on my lap. And my cats always seem happy to oblige, although they do get a little jealous when I am reading and not petting them! I also love to take pictures, scrapbook, hike and spend time with my family. I have a blog and post many of our adventures there, as well as reviews of books I’m reading and recipes I’ve tried. I’d love for you to stop by and say hello some time! (

Lisl Zlitni’s background until recently was a mixture of legal and medical, including time spent in the U.S. military. Following a degree in English Literature, she earned a post-baccalaureate teaching certificate, specializing in early childhood with studies of boys in education. A devoted reader since childhood, Lisl enjoys a variety of topics including brain studies, faith & sustainability, Richard III, medieval history, the paranormal, memoir, travel narrative, children’s literature, anthropology/sociology and, thanks to the inspiration of a math department professor, history of mathematics. She lives with her nine-year-old boy, a reading, math and drawing devotee, in Alaska.

Lisl enjoys road trips and amateur photography, research and writing, and recently has been trying to break into canning as a hobby. Having finally finished (“for now”) the downsizing of her house and its contents, she has returned her attention to founding a local chapter of the Richard III Society, and in her spare time is working on a novel that has become, in part, a ghost story.

Jennifer SchustermanReading has always been a very special part of my life. My mother and grandmother shared their love of books with me at a young age with theatrical readings of all my favorite stories, some of which were made up by family. Since we didn’t have a great deal of money while I was young, my mother took both my sister and I to the library frequently and we were lucky enough to have a bookmobile that came through the neighborhood once a week. What a joy to find such wondrous adventures in books and for free! I continued to love books as I grew older, reading what I could to escape the daily grind of life, and still do to this day. When it came time to decide on my college degree program, I chose history since I absolutely loved learning and reading of the stories of our past. Choosing history as my degree program also opened up a whole new genre of interest to me in historical fiction. I’ve read so many of the great authors that have written spectacular stories of real events and continue to peruse the shelves at libraries for other great historical fiction authors. I’m not just limited to reading historical fiction, I have found joy in the classics, fright in suspense, intrigue in mysteries, and wonder in children’s literature.
Besides escaping in a great book, I love to travel, participate in many outdoor activities from camping to kayaking, and spending time with my husband.

Wendy Nelson, I am an instructional designer for a large corporate company. I love to read, and own well over 1000 books. I have 2 adult children, and my husband and I love scouring the used bookstores!

Roseann Broz– When she is not busy studying for her degree in Library Science, Roseann can be found with a book in her hands and her faithful
Pomeranian dog “Spike” by her side. From non-fiction to YA to literary fiction, no book is safe from her grasp. In her new mountain
home she reads and loves to share her joy of her new-found worlds with others.

Brandy Strake-Having recently completed her Masters of Public Health, Brandy is now finding more interesting ways to fill her spare time. With a toe in many ponds, Brandy is an avid sewist, novice knitter, voracious reader, fumbling cook and floundering gardener. A busy wife and mother, she carves out time for her other loves after the children are in bed. Raising the next generation of bookworms has expanded her reading list, but she continues to remain faithful to fantasy, paranormal, young adult, and contemporary fiction.

Beth BulowI’m a southern girl that lives in the Tennessee valley, and I love seeing mountains all around. My family and my faith in God are the most important things in my life. I love to read, of course, but along with that I enjoy journeying and making jewelry. I also enjoy poetry, antiques and own a ridiculous amount of shoes. I hope to be a life-long learner, and I love collecting and logging away random facts. I want to own a home one day that has a real library. Shelves built into the walls, a comfy chair, and a writing desk. Preferably antique. One of my favorite pastimes is to read a book while indulging in a cup of hot coffee.

Rachel Massaro-I am a brand new college graduate who dreams of growing up to be an elementary school teacher with a library full of books. I love reading and will give any book a shot. My dream library looks like the one in Beauty and the Beast!!

Elizabeth Peterson Seidle-I’m a Graphic Designer by day, knitter and reader by night.

Stuart MacAllister– I am writer, living in Bristol, England. I’m currently writing the first, in a series, of novels charting the history of the City of Bristol. I’m a passionate supporter of literacy and reading, I promote the world of Historical Fiction.

Gayle Swift is an adoption coach, an adoptive mom and former foster parent. She writes fiction for adults and children and believes that a good story creates community, healing and promotes change.

Laurin Hawkins-  I’m studying to be an accountant. I’ve been reading since I was 4 years old. I used to stay up all night reading, and my parents would wake up to a mountain of books piled on my floor from the night before. I still love reading to this day. Not many people my age like to read, but I couldn’t imaging spending my free time doing anything else. I love to learn, and you can’t do that without reading! I would love to visit some of the places that I’ve read about, especially the Secret Annex where Anne Frank stayed. It is not abnormal for me to stay up until 4 am (when I have to go to work at 830!) just because I’m so engrossed in a book that I can’t possibly put it down. At first I was hesitant about ebooks. I love the smell of a real book, the feel of the pages, the sound it makes when you turn the page. I have come around to the dark side, but I will never give up my paperbacks. I’m addicted to buying them! I have at least 30 books sitting on my shelves waiting to be read.

Irene Lucas- I am a veracious reader. Being single and childless makes it easy to find time to read. I love to bake, garden, try new wines savor good food and did I mention read? I live in north western Pennsylvania where I work for a Catholic parish as Director of Lifelong Faith Formation. I have a BS in biology and an MA in spiritual theology. I am at that awkward age, not young enough to be casual about it and not old enough to be proud of it.

Sara Giacalone- I still remember the Christmas I received the E. B. White three-book pack withCharlotte’s Web, Stuart Little and The Trumpet of the Swan. I was so pleased with my present and immediately began reading Charlotte’s Web. I stayed up way past my bedtime
Christmas night, reading under the covers with a flashlight. I loved the way the story unfolded,
learning about each character and their varied personalities. I thought Fern’s brother Avery was horrible (and I could relate since I had three older brothers) and loved the friendship that developed between Wilbur and Charlotte. I cried at the ending, yet felt happy too – and learned a little about life along the way. Pretty amazing stuff for a six year old. Since that wonderful discovery, I don’t believe I have been without a book. I read in class, after I finished my homework. I read on fishing trips instead of fishing. I read in the bath and while watching television and had a very big vocabulary that I couldn’t always pronounce correctly. I felt anxious without a book close by. My interests have varied throughout my life. During my teen years, I read a lot of young adult, ‘lite’ horror, and romance novels, then moved into fantasy and science fiction. During my college years I became very fond of supernatural horror while also reading more classic literature. Later, I began experimenting more and discovered a great
love for Latin American magical realism. Currently, I enjoy reading historical fiction and romance, as well as discovering new authors from many genres. My work history centers around business writing, research and marketing, with a focus on commercial real estate business development. Currently, I act as a consultant for companies and individuals who want to expand their market presence and win new business. But what do I really live for? Books, of course!

Stephanie Moore Hopkins/Team Leader is an avid reader of Historical Fiction and a book reviewer for The Historical Novel Society and IndieBRAG LLC. She is also, Co-Founder of the Goodreads book club, “Ladies & Literature”, which has over 1,600 members globally and is a Freelance Interviewer.

Author of
Co-Founder of Ladies & Literature:
Book Reviewer for Historical Novel Society (on-line):
Book Reviewer & Interviewer for IndieBrag LLC:
Contact Stephanie:
Freelance Interviewer

Guidelines to submit a review request:

For authors to submit a review please contact Stephanie at

My review team gives their honest opinion of the book they review and it doesn’t mean we always guarantee reviews the authors expect. Layered Pages reserves the right to reject any books given for review at the discretion of the reviewer and the team leader.

At anytime the reviewer cannot continue to read or review the book for any reasons, the team leader will contact the author.

We do accept ARC copies, paperbacks, e-books (Kindle & Nook)

When submitting a book for review please send a blurb about the story & publish date.

Please keep in mind we have a large amount of request coming in and we will get to everyone as soon as possible. Layered Pages reserves the right to omit any of these guidelines at anytime.

Thank you

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