Review: Companion of Lady Holmshire by Debbie Brown

Debra Brown’s debut novel brings readers a sweet story with charming characters, quaint settings and a unique plot. The Companion of Lady Holmeshire is a historical fiction set in Victorian England. Ms. Brown brings us an unconventional matriarch for the period; a noble woman taking in and attempting to elevate a servant girl into the upper echelons of society. This gives the book the feel of an adult fairytale and keeps the mood of the story uplifted.

The characters of the story are well developed. Emma Carrington is adorable as the servant girl and the reader easily sides with her and the Earl of Holmeshire as the storyline develops. This plot has romance, betrayal, mystery, danger and redemption. The mystery is not completely unpredictable, but the ending is still a surprise while wrapping up all of the loose ends neatly.

Some historical fiction can be heavy and complicated by the depth of research involved. This book was easy to read, enjoyable, and relaxed while maintaining the quality descriptions characteristic of historical fiction. I would recommend this to readers interested in the Victorian period; those who enjoy a good underdog prevails theme; and anyone who appreciates a mystery. 

Brandy Strake

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