Review: Ripples in The Sand by Helen Hollick

Ripples in the Sand

When Joanna Zefron approached me about participating in a book tour for, Ripples in The Sand, I was elated! The first book I had read of Helen’s was, The Forever Queen. I fell in love with the story the moment I started the first chapter. Helen a while back had her Sea Witch series sent to me and I was taken on a wonderful adventure. Jesamiah and Tiola had become among my favorite characters and her supporting characters are well written. This is the sort of series you don’t want to end. The genre for her, Sea Witch Series, falls under historical-fantasy and nautical fiction, the two blends perfectly together.

I have interviewed Helen twice and have gotten to know her through social media. She is truly a talented writer and I’m fascinated with how her mind works. Her characters come to life in her stories and are true to the time. She transcends you through history and leaves you not wanting to come back to the present day.  

Ripples in The Sand, is the fourth installment in Helen’s Sea Witch series and I have to admit, among all of them, this one if my favorite. The story starts with a Royal Navy frigate trailing the Sea Witch, which has a hidden cache of brandy and indigo aboard. Jesamiah Acorne tries to out run the Frigate but to his surprise, the ship catches up with him and someone wants to come aboard and things really start to get interesting.


Meanwhile, Tiola is not well and it’s more than sea sickness, something much more is at work. In this story I felt more involved with the characters, their plight and adventures, I could picture scenery and hear the sounds. I could smell the salt air, feel the sea water spray my face and feel the movement of the waves as it rocks the ship.  As Tiola’s fears grow I felt such an intensity inside me that I don’t often feel with characters so strongly. I had to keep reading on to find out what was going to happen next. I felt there was so many close calls, I wasn’t sure how the story was going to end and that makes for a splendid read. This is a book that you really can’t put down and come back to later. You won’t want too. Helen takes her readers on a magical ride.




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