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Romancing Olive


Romancing Olive



Publication Date: November 1, 2011 | BookBaby | 205p
In 1891, spinster librarian, Olive Wilkins, is shocked to learn of her  brother’s violent death at a saloon gaming table and her sister-in-law’s subsequent murder, traveling far from her staid life to rescue her  niece and nephew, now orphans. She arrives to find the circumstances of  her brother’s life deplorable and her long held beliefs of family and  tradition, shaken.
Accustomed to the sophistication of Philadelphia, Olive arrives in Spencer, Ohio, a rough and tumble world she is not familiar with, facing two traumatized children. Her niece and nephew, Mary and John, have been living with a neighboring farmer, widower Jacob Butler, the father of three young children of his own and a man still in pain from the recent loss of his wife.
Real danger threatens Olive and Mary and John while Jacob and his  own brood battle the day-to-day struggles for survival. Will Olive and  Jacob find the strength to fight their battles alone or together? Will  love conquer the bitterness of loss and broken dreams?
Reconstructing Jackson

Reconstructing Jackson

Publication Date: September 25, 2012 | BookBaby | 191p
1867 . . . Southern lawyer and Civil War veteran, Reed Jackson, returns to  his family’s plantation in a wheelchair. His father deems him unfit, and deeds the Jackson holdings, including his intended bride, to a younger  brother. Angry and bitter, Reed moves west to Fenton, Missouri, home to a cousin with a successful business, intending to start over.
Belle Richards, a dirt poor farm girl aching to learn how to read,  cleans, cooks and holds together her family’s meager property. A violent brother and a drunken father plot to marry her off, and gain a new  horse in the bargain. But Belle’s got other plans, and risks her life to reach them.
Reed is captivated by Belle from their first meeting, but wheelchair bound, is unable to protect her from violence. Bleak times will  challenge Reed and Belle’s courage and dreams as they forge a new  beginning from the ashes of war and ignorance.


Holly Bush


About the Author

Holly Bush was  born in western Pennsylvania to two avid readers. There was not a room  in her home that did not hold a full bookcase. She worked in the  hospitality industry, owning a restaurant for twenty years and recently  worked as the sales and marketing director in the hospitality/tourism  industry and is credited with building traffic to capacity for a local  farm tour, bringing guests from twenty-two states, booked two years  out.  Holly has been a marketing consultant to start-up businesses and  has done public speaking on the subject.
Holly has been writing all of her life and is a voracious reader of a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction, particularly political and  historical works. She has written four romance novels, all set in the  U.S. West in the mid 1800’s. She frequently attends writing conferences, and has always been a member of a writer’s group.
Holly is a gardener, a news junkie, has been an active member of her local library board and loves to spend time near the ocean. She is the  proud mother of two daughters and the wife of a man more than a few  years her junior.



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The giveaway is for one eBook of either book (winner’s choice, ePub, mobi or PDF) and open internationally. And will run today and end on April 8th. To enter please leave a comment with your email address where you can be contacted. Thank you!








4 thoughts on “Holly Bush Virtual Tour Giveaway

  1. I would love to read Romancing Olive as I am a retired librarian and I love historical fiction.

    tmrtini at gmail dot com


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