Q & A with Author David Pilling


I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing David a couple times before about his wonderful stories and I have asked him to come back to visit Layered Pages and tell me a little about his personal interest in the literary world. Thank you David! First tell me,  What is your favorite all-time movie?


Probably Anchorman: the Legend of Ron Burgunday. I was tempted to go for something historical but this film makes me laugh too much to be ignored!


What are you currently reading?


An old copy of Moby Dick I found in my father’s book cabinet. Strangely, I’ve never read it before.


Any bad habits? Do you tend not to finish books? Skim? Scribble in margins? Fall asleep while reading?


Plenty of bad habits! I couldn’t be bothered to read the Harry Potter series so I picked up the last book when it came out and read the last few pages. Job done.


Have you ever read a book and afterward wish you never read it?


Once or twice. If I dislike a book I tend to put it down long before finishing it.


What is the truly last great book you read?


Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope.


Describe the perfect novel.


That’s an almost impossible question. If I knew the answer I would be trying to write it, ha!


What is your favorite event in history?


Another difficult one. Possibly the Renaissance?


Who is your least favorite person in history?


A neat toss-up between Hitler and Stalin, for reasons that should be obvious.


If you could meet any writer, dead or alive, who would it be? What would you want to know?


Shakespeare, and I would want to know how he worked and from where he derived his endless inspiration.

David Pilling
David Pilling’s website Links:

Novel’s of David’s I have read thus far. Fantastic reads and I highly recommend!
Folville’s Law (The John Swale Chronicles, #1
The King Stag (The John Swale Chronicles, #2)
The White Hawk (Revenge, #1)
The Half-Hanged Man
Thank you!

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