Interview with Author Kristie Davis Dean

kristie dean davis

I have the pleasure of introducing Author Kristie Davis Dean. Kristie was born in Tennessee, and spent her early childhood reading everything she could get her hands on – including cereal boxes! Lessons from Jericho is her first foray into Christian fiction, but she has published several short travel guides and a nonfiction book, Reformat Your Life. She holds an M.A. in history from Fayetteville State University.

A true Anglophile and history addict, she travels to the UK just about every year. One of her future projects involves a book combining both those passions.

She lives in Tennessee with her husband, Jonathan, their two dogs, Oreo and Sadie, and two cats, Tiggy and Tabby.

Stephanie: Kristie, please tell me about Lessons from Jericho.

Kristie: Lessons from Jericho is a story about finding yourself and finding God. It’s a mix of self-help and inspiration. The main character, Gina, is faced with (what to her) is a catastrophic loss – the loss of her career, and with it, her identity. She meets a stranger who seems to know quite a bit about her and is faced with a decision – should she listen to this seemingly eccentric man? I wrote this to be a quick read – something people could sit down, read, and then implement immediately.

Stephanie: I’m really looking forward to reading your story. What message would you like readers to grasp, reading this story?

Kristie: Finding yourself sometimes means getting help from others. We can’t always do it alone. As a Christian, I’d also like readers to understand that the Bible has quite a few lessons to teach us. And, even if you aren’t a Christian, the stories still have life-lessons within them.

Stephanie: The Bible certainly does. Were there any challenges writing this story?

Kristie: Yes, a big challenge – there was a plot decision I had to make (can’t go into it in detail without giving away the ending), but I didn’t want the story to go in that direction. Unfortunately, the story WANTED to go in that direction, and I ended up giving in to what the plot needed. I liked the outcome after I was finished, so it seems like it was the wisest choice.

Also, I was trying to write a fictional account intertwined with the Biblical story, and sometimes finding a good balance got difficult.

Stephanie: It’s always interesting when writing a story how the direction can change when least expected. Was there a life lesson you came away with while writing Jericho?

Kristie: Trust God. I’m the first person to try and do everything on my own. I have a hard time releasing control, and sometimes God doesn’t work on my time table. For example, I’ve always wanted a child, but for some reason I believe that God has a different plan for me. Writing Jericho helped me come to terms with that. Although that struggle isn’t over, it helps to really know that I can trust God throughout anything. He has a plan. And if I trust Him, I know His plan is always going to be the best for me.

Stephanie: How long did it take you to write, Jericho?
Kristie: About eight months. It was coming along quickly, but I hit a snag. I’ll tell you about that when I answer the next question!

Stephanie: Who or what inspired you to write this story?

Kristie:  It was inspired after a sermon my pastor gave on Rahab, the heroine of the fall of Jericho. The story of Jericho had always fascinated me, and even though Christian fiction is not my normal genre I felt this story needed to be told. If you know the story, you understand the courage Rahab demonstrated – I would love to one day write a book just about her.

Stephanie: How has your faith impacted your writing?

Kristie:  My earlier writing has all been non-fiction, but with Jericho, it really seemed like God was guiding me. It led me down a deeper journey with the Bible and has impacted how I read the text. I hope that I let God’s voice come through, rather than my voice.

Stephanie: What is your current book project?

Kristie: My current project is the latest installment in my Travels in the United Kingdom series. I’m heading to the UK soon to research it. I also have a historical fiction book waiting in the wings, percolating. I’m really nervous about tackling historical fiction because I am such a stickler for accuracy in books. It makes me nervous that someone like me might read it and find an error – but this fear is leading me to do meticulous research. I hope to have it finished within the next year or so.

Stephanie: What is your favorite quote?

Kristie: Oh my, I have several! But I think my favorite would have to be one of Winston Churchill’s. He is one of my heroes. All of his quotes rate high on my list, but my favorite is “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” That quote really speaks to me.

Stephanie: Kristie, thank you for chatting with me today.

Kristie: Thanks for the interview, Stephanie

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Link to Lessons from Jericho on Amazon.


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