Review/Q&A: Sons of the Wolf by Paula Lofting

Publish Date: July 23, 2012

Publisher: SilverWood Books

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Language: English


Sons of The Wolf Book Cover


 About Sons of the Wolf

1054, pious King Edward sits on the throne, spending his days hunting, sleeping and praying, leaving the security of his kingdom to his more capable brother-in-law Harold Godwinson, the powerful Earl of Wessex.

Against this backdrop we meet Wulfhere, a Sussex thegn who, as the sun sets over the wild forest of Andredesweald, is returning home victoriously from a great battle in the north. Holding his lands directly from the King, his position demands loyalty to Edward himself, but Wulfhere is duty-bound to also serve Harold, a bond forged within Wulfhere’s family heritage and borne of the ancient Teutonic ideology of honour and loyalty.

Wulfhere is a man with the strength and courage of a bear, a warrior whose loyalty to his lord and king is unquestionable. He is also a man who holds his family dear and would do anything to protect them. So when Harold demands that he wed his daughter to the son of Helghi, his sworn enemy, Wulfhere has to find a way to save his daughter from a life of certain misery in the household of the cruel and resentful Helghi, without comprising his honour and loyalty to his lord, Harold. On the battlefield, Wulfhere fights for his life but elsewhere the enemy is closer to home, sinister and shadowy and far more dangerous than any war.

My review:


Paula Lofting brings the reader an enthralling story! Sons of The Wolf, the first to a series of novels that leads up to the Norman Conquest. Of a man named Wulfhere who lived during the rule of Edward the Confessor. The lands that he holds come from the king. Wulfhere also serves my favorite male heroines in history, Harold Godwinson. Harold is the Earl of Wessex and extremely powerful and has great influence in the realm. Wulfhere is a warrior who loves his family and has a soft spot for his daughters. When Harold tells him, he must give his daughter, Freyda to his sworn enemy-horrid Lord Helghi- son to marry. He becomes angry but nonetheless he must agree to Harold’s wishes. For Harold grows tired of the never ending hatred between his two Lords. But all is not well and Wulfhere must do all he can to save his daughter from the dangers he knows will happen if she falls in the grasps of Lord Helghi and there is an even bigger threat that could change his family forever.

As this captivating story unfolds I found myself so engrossed with the characters plight and emotions I felt like these events were happening to my own family. Saying this story has well developed characters does not do it justice. It goes beyond that…Lofting really gets to the core of the human condition and pulls you into a world of the past that leaves you wanting to explore more of these fascinating people in history.

The first few pages grabbed me and didn’t let go and now I’m anxiously awaiting for the sequel to this remarkable story. Sons of the Wolf is definitely a novel of what the highest quality of Historical Fiction should be and I highly recommend!

About Author

Paula Lofting

My name is Paula Lofting and I write historical fiction. My first novel is called Sons of the Wolf, set in 11thc England. I like to keep things as accurate as I can when I am writing historically and belong to a re-enactment society, Regia Anglorum that covers the period in which I write. This enables me to have some knowledge of the time I write in of the everyday things and not just the politics and events of the time. Living history is a big part of what Regia do and everything has to be well researched for authenticity.

My earliest influences in reading were Rosemary Sutcliffe, Edith Pargetter, Leon Garfield, Mary Stewart and Sharon Kay Penman. Rosemary Sutcliffe really got me into Dark Age history. I love her style and am reading Manda Scott currently whose style is heavily influenced by Sutcliffe’s.

Aside from enjoying historical fiction set in pre-conquest years, I also enjoy later medieval, ancient and anything in later periods that would interest me. I also enjoy crime, horror and thrillers. Erotica is not really for me but I appreciate the skill you must need to write in that genre.

I am a psychiatric nurse by day and writer in my spare time. I have three children and live in the beautiful county of Sussex, England, where my book is set. I am currently working on the sequel which I hope to have released in the late summer or early Autumn!

Paula’s website:


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Q&A with Paula


Stephanie: Hello Paula! Thank you for chatting with me today. It’s a pleasure to have you back on Layered Pages. Today, I want to ask you some fun questions and about your reading habits. What book is on your night stand now?

Paula:  Hi Stephanie, it’s lovely to have this opportunity to be with you on my Blog Tour. I have 3 books on my bedside cabinet at the moment; Insurrection, by Robyn Young, Lionheart by Sharon Penman and The Horseman’s Desire by my old childhood friend Lorraine Hunt Lynn.

Stephanie: What book would you highly recommend to a friend to read?

Paula:  It would really depend on what they liked to read but if they were into their medieval history, it would be anything by Sharon Penman or Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Chronicles.

Stephanie: What book had the greatest impact on you?

Paula: I think it was The Sun in Spleandour.

Stephanie: What were your favorite books as a child? Do you have a favorite character from those books or a hero?

Paula: I loved the Narnia books, Rosemary Sutcliffe’s books, Leon Garfield’s stories set in the 18thc. Most of all Oliver Twist. I always fancied myself as the tragic heroine Nancy. I’ve always been a Drama Queen!

Stephanie: What person in history would you like to be?

Paula: Perhaps the most exciting person I would want to have been was Aethelfaed, Lady of the Mercians.

Stephanie: What is your favorite event in history?

Paula: Probably not for the right reasons, but I am so hooked on the Norman Conquest of England and the events after it that I guess I have to say that time. It was a terrible tragedy for the English and King Harold. A lot of people think that the Norman’s brought a lot of things to England that we didn’t have but that wasn’t true. England already had a very efficient centralised government and law system. Women were more independent from their men and were respected by law. The Norman’s changed all that.

Stephanie: You are having a dinner party and you are inviting ten people over. If you could invite anyone you wanted over, who would it be? And it can be anyone from the past as well.

Paula:  I would invite Lady Aethelflaed, after all, if I wanted to be her, I should get to know her. Laurel and Hardy, to make everyone laugh; Harold Godwinson, so I could check him out. Apparently he was very handsome. Richard III, to ask him if he did it. Sharon Penman, such a gracious lady. Rosemary Sutcliffe, to ask her where she got her inspiration from. Edward the Confessor to ask him what the hell he was playing at by not naming a successor. Edward II, he was such a dude! And Anne Frank, to give her a hug.

Thank you, Paula!



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