Major Weir’s Dark Legacy By Stuart Laing


Happy Book Launch Day to my friend and talented author, Stuart Laing! His books are available on Amazon (US & UK)!

Book Description

An ancient and malignant evil seeps through the decaying walls of a deserted building in the heart of old Edinburgh.
Like a ghost from the past it haunts the dark alleys and streets of town as its influence poisons friendships, creates discord and leads to murder…

This is Major Weir’s dark legacy to the town he called home.

When one bookseller is murdered and another accused of the crime Robert Young of Newbiggin is called upon to help and has to use all his talents as an investigator to try and save an old friend from the noose.
Unfortunately when all the evidence points towards his guilt is it already too late?

Stuart Laing

Born in 1966 and raised on the east coast of Scotland in the ancient Pictish Kingdom of Fife. Stuart has been married to the love of his life for 20 years and they have blessed with a daughter. Completing the household is a cat which is also female leaving him heavily outnumbered.

He has always been fascinated by the history of Edinburgh and has spends most of his adult life studying Scottish history in all its aspects but always find himself being drawn back to the cobbled streets of the Old Town.

He would urge all visitors to Scotland’s ancient capital to (briefly) venture into one of the narrow closes running down from the Royal Mile to get a flavour of how alive with mischief, mayhem, love and laughter these streets once were.


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