Interview with Author Sheri Fink

sheri-fink-bragI’d like to welcome Sheri Fink today to talk with me about her latest book release, Cake in Bed. Sheri is an inspirational speaker, a #1 best-selling author, an award-winning entrepreneur, and the creator of “The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink” brand. Sheri writes books that inspire and delight kids of all ages while planting seeds of self-esteem. All five of her children’s books have become #1 best-sellers, including The Little Rose which was a #1 Amazon Best-seller for over 60 weeks.

CBS Los Angeles selected her as one of the top three authors in the local area, a distinction she shares with Dean Koontz. Sheri’s brand is the recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award for the best in family friendly entertainment. She was recently named an inspirational beauty by supermodel Cindy Crawford’s “Beauties Give Back” campaign.

Sheri’s newest adventure is a contemporary romance. She was inspired to write Cake in Bed, her debut novel, to empower women to be their authentic selves and to not settle for less than they deserve in life or in love, because everyone deserves to have their cake and eat it too … preferably in bed! Discover more about Sheri and her books here.

Hi, Sheri! Thank you for visiting me today at Layered Pages Congrats on your new book release, Cake in Bed. Please tell me about your story and the inspiration behind it.

Cake in Bed is a fun and flirty book that empowers women to be their authentic selves and not settle for less than they deserve in life or love, because we all deserve to have our cake and eat it too … preferably in bed! Several years ago my world changed when I found myself happily divorced and dating for the first time in my adult life. The emotions I was feeling and the experiences I was having inspired me to write something completely new. It’s a sexy, happily-ever-after story for smart women who believe in love in the modern world. And trust me, it’s NOT your grandmother’s romance.

Why is everlasting, romantic love so important to Julie?

Julie is a hopeful romantic. She has always given more than she has received and wants a true partnership with a good man. In the beginning of the story, she misguidedly believes that she needs a man to be happy. Through her experiences with dating and her friends, she discovers happiness within herself and then finds love unexpectedly. I think a lot of women can relate to Julie’s fictional journey.

cake-in-bedWhat are Julie’s emotional triggers and how does she act on them?

Based on her limited past experiences with men, Julie’s biggest emotional trigger is abandonment. She is so afraid of losing someone that she doesn’t stop to consider whether they’re worth keeping in the first place. Initially, she acts from a place of fear. Eventually, she discovers her value and makes choices from a place of self-love.

How is she influenced by her settings and is something humorous that she embarks on?

Julie discovers herself on a humorous and sometimes heartbreaking journey while finding love in an unexpected place. In the opening scene of Cake in Bed, Julie is wearing her wedding dress, eating what would’ve been her one-year-wedding anniversary cake in bed alone. She sets out to find true love but is new to dating, so she encounters situations that befuddle her. Her transformation is one that many women go through as we learn to truly love and value ourselves.

What was your process when writing your story?

I began writing dialogue and pivotal scenes several years ago as they would flow into my mind. The characters took me on a roller coaster ride as the story unfolded for me through their eyes. That continued for over 2 years until I decided to type my writing into a manuscript and then filled in the missing scenes. It was challenging and rewarding to finish the book.

Where can reader buy your book?

Cake in Bed is available in paperback and ebook formats:

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon Canada
Barnes & Noble

What do you link most about writing Romance and will there be any more romance stories from you?

I really enjoyed the challenge, freedom, and flexibility that came from writing in a new genre. My goal was to write something sweet, sexy, and romantic that I would actually want to read. I wanted to empower women to believe in themselves and their possibilities. I have ideas for 3 more books in the Cake in Bed series … Stay tuned!

In your bio it says you are an empowering speaker. Will you tell me a little about that?

One of my joys is inspiring and empowering audiences. I share my strategies for overcoming adversity and living life with passion and aliveness. My talks focus on authenticity, confidence, and personal empowerment. I also speak about what it takes to be a successful author and the behind-the-scenes of transforming an idea into a book. I’ve been really blessed in my career to get to speak to over 30,000 people throughout North America. I love it!

How has writing impacted your life?

I’ve been writing since I was a little girl. Having the courage to share my writing with the world has completely changed my life. I love hearing from Fans that my books, articles, and talks inspired them to go after their dreams. It makes all the hard work worthwhile to know that I’m creating something I love and making a positive difference in the world.

What is up next for you?

Coming soon are audiobook editions of the The Little Rose and The Little Seahorse, as well as paperback editions of all 5 of my best-selling children’s books: The Little Rose, The Little Gnome, The Little Firefly, The Little Seahorse, and Exploring the Garden with the Little Rose. I’m expanding my Cake in Bed Painting Parties (Cake in Bed-themed painting, wine, cake, and reading) throughout Southern California. I’m also excited to share that I’ve been selected as a contestant on this season’s Dancing with the South Bay Stars in which I’ll be dancing on behalf of the wonderful non-profit South Bay Children’s Health Center. It’ll be so much fun!

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

Article at indieBRAG: Writing Across Genres: How Boldly Following Your Inspiration Can Change Your Destiny






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