Male Protagonist: Lord Wulfgar

 wulfgarWho is Lord Wulfgar?

Lord Wulfgar is the only child of Wulfric, who rules the Saxon tribe of the Wolf Sons – the ‘Wulfsuna’ of my book’s title. He is a ‘Seaxen’, for he carries the foot-long seax dagger, he is a Wolf Son and a child of the pagan god Woden. He is the singular heir to the Germanic dynasty, a prince or ‘Atheling’ as the Saxon’s would call him. He’s eighteen, which sounds young but in Early Medieval times you became a man at twelve, so he has been seen as an adult for some time.

At the beginning of my book we meet Wulfgar aboard his father’s long ship the ‘Hildwaeg’ or battle-wave, sailing towards the east fens of the land they call ‘Bryton’. He has left his mother behind as she was too ill to travel and she is in his thoughts, which briefly alludes to the sensitive nature he tries to hide. Sailing with him is his lifelong friend and Ealdorman, Sieghild, with whom he has a tight brotherly bond.

cs-moxen-hutWhat are his strengths?

He is deeply loyal, honourable and religious. Brotherhood is everything to him and you would do well to have him by your side in the shield wall. He is an accomplished, left-handed warrior, who has already seasoned his blade in battle before leaving Germania, and is an expert with a hand axe, a seax (foot-long dagger) and his sword ‘ice-blade’. He is a follower of Woden and calls regularly upon the pantheon of Norse gods to assist him through life, in peace and war.

He is brave and adventurous, willing to sail to another land with his father with the possibility they will never return to their homeland. Once their ship lands in Bryton, Wulfgar faces several obstacles that challenge him emotionally, mentally and physically. This journey is his veritable ‘right of passage’ into true adulthood.

cs-moxen-dwellingHis faults?

Wulfgar is impulsive and rarely plans his actions, which is something he must learn to amend for when he inherits leadership of the tribe. He also has a temper that can erupt swiftly, often with devastating consequences. Stand well back when he does!

Being so impulsive, Wulfgar usually learns everything the hard way and his lack of respect for the ways of his elders soon turns to bite him. One of the elder Thegns makes him realise the importance of his noble status and how it contributes to the stability of the tribe; he effectively forces Wulfgar to see the ‘bigger picture’.

He is strikingly handsome – not a fault you might say, but he unfortunately knows it only too well. He is tall for the time he lives in with long, blond curly hair, broad shoulders and a cheeky smile. The ladies love him and he adores being adored, although it can bring unwanted suitors from time to time!

cs-moxen-hut-iiWhat is your personal opinion of him?

I love him. He’s a rogue and a man’s man, but beneath the macho façade he is sensitive and holds a great love for many things. He is a pleasure to write as a character because you often don’t know what he’ll do next!

Out of all the characters in WULFSUNA I would say Lord Wulfgar evolves the most through the course of the book. For this, I admire him, because he constantly strives to be at his best in all things. Even though some evade him, he perseveres.

About Author


Elaine writes Early Medieval historical fiction as ‘E S Moxon’. Her debut WULFSUNA was published through SilverWood Books on January 21st, 2015. It is the first in her Wolf Spear Saga series of Saxon adventures, where a Seer and one named Wolf Spear are destined to meet. She is currently writing Wolf Spear Saga 2, set once again in the ‘Dark Ages’ of 5th Century Britain and following on from the adventures of WULFSUNA. She is a member of the Historical Novel Society and a contributing author on the English Historical Fiction Authors blog. You can find out more from Elaine’s website and she also runs a blog called ‘Writers’ Grove’. Elaine lives in Middle England, UK with her family and their chocolate Labrador.

Elaine’s Website

Writers’ Grove blog

SilverWood Books

About The Book:



Torn apart when Rome abandoned Bryton, the Wulfsuna are a disparate tribe. Twenty years on, two long ships sail for the east fens to honour their Warrior-Lord’s dream and reunite with lost kin. Soon after landing however, a murderous betrayal divides loyalties, some craving revenge and others indignant on pursuing their Lord’s dream. Blood and brotherhood are tested to their deadly limits.

The discovery of a young Seer adds to the turmoil. Expelled from her village after foretelling of an attack by blue painted savages, the Wulfsuna are equally wary of the one they call ‘Nix’. None fear her more than Lord Wulfgar, who refuses to believe an ancient saga bearing his name, is weaving the Seer’s destiny into his own. But a treacherous rival threatens their fate and Wulfgar must accept the Seer’s magic may be all that can save them.

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