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Barbara Gaskell Denvil was born in Gloucestershire, England but after living in half a dozen different European countries and cruising the Mediterranean for some years, has now moved to rural Australia.

When younger she worked in many literary capacities and published numerous short stories and articles, but now writes full length novels.

Her passion for history in general and the late English medieval in particular, now forms the background for her historical fiction. She has published five  historical novels – SATIN CINNABAR which is a crime adventure actually commencing on the Bosworth battlefield, SUMERFORD’S AUTUMN which is an adventure mystery with strong romantic overtones, set in the early years of the Tudor reign, BLESSOP’S WIFE (published in Australia as THE KING’S SHADOW) which is a crime/romance set in England during 1482-3 in those turbulent years around the death of King Edward IV, THE FLAME EATER, a romantic crime novel set in 1484/5, and a time-slip novel FAIR WEATHER, a highly adventurous mystery  which is set earlier during the reign of King John.

Her new novel THE DECEPTION OF CONSEQUENCES is a Tudor mystery – adventure and will be published March 2017.

Although initially traditionally published by Simon & Schuster, Barbara then decided to change to self-publishing and is now an Indy author of fantasy as well as historical fiction and mystery.

Both fantasy and historical fiction take us into new worlds and Barbara’s books do exactly this – being multi-layered, and rich in both characterisation and atmosphere.

Barbara, who is Richard Wolfdon?

Richard Wolfdon comes from a long aristocratic line but after Bosworth his antecedents were attainted, and he no longer carries the family title. However, his family wealth, whether misbegotten or otherwise, remains and he is one of the richer gentlemen in the country. This is Tudor England, during the reign of King Henry VIII and Richard Wolfdon is a friend of the king, and an unofficial advisor. Not that Henry VIII ever makes a habit of acting as he has been advised, and he is, whatever anyone else tells him, determined to rid himself of his second wife, Anne Boleyn. Richard is also a friend to the queen, but since he has long distained high position, he does not hold sufficient power to help her. Life, as far as Richard is concerned, is tedious in the extreme. Slander, gossip, vicious rumour and conspiracy rule the court. Temper and danger are the king’s shadows. Wealthy enough to obtain anything he wants, Richard discovers that he wants nothing, except to escape the miserable monotony of court life. But he does not expect what is about to happen next.

What are His strengths?

This is a man of considerable versatility, intelligence and courage. He cares nothing for the opinions of others, and therefore remains entirely disinterested in court gossip. His position and comfortable wealth means he is above any need to conspire for royal favour, and he acts as a law unto himself. In an attempt to discover more interesting pastimes than wandering the palace corridors, he befriends an earnest young lawyer and helps in court decisions and the investigations into crimes and other mysteries

His faults?

However, Richard’s disinterest in other people’s opinions leads him into arrogance.  This arrogance also brings a sublime lack of interest in other people’s problems. His belief in the tedium of life separates him from others, and he becomes a partial recluse.

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What is your personal opinion of him?

I am not sure I would have liked Richard Wolfdon at first acquaintance. Arrogance is not an easy fault to overlook. However, once he falls in love with the heroine, he becomes adorable and I would like very much to know him. He is prepared to do anything at all for the woman he loves, and forgives her anything and everything. His humour emerges, his kindness and warmth, and his considerable skill as a lover!

Does he ever do anything that surprises you?

Yes, because Richard is by no means predictable. He is equally capable of surprising himself. He had always been a man who dressed without show, in quiet and colourless style, and behaved with decorum and polite disinterest. And then, inspired by infatuation, he leaps walls, dresses in clothes torn and bedraggled, fights bandits and makes friends with a pirate. Indeed, this is a book where mystery is not easily uncovered, but where the main protagonist turns into a mystery himself.

Richard Wolfdon is a protagonist who has accompanied me throughout the writing of this book, become my friend, and increased my enjoyment considerably. He will make the heroine very happy, I’m sure.

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Richard Wolfdon strides into Jemima’s life, not because he has the slightest interest in her, but simply because he wishes to break up the tedious monotony of his wealthy but pointless existence. The Deception of Consequences is a crime mystery and romantic adventure with a large cast of both true historical and fictional characters. King Henry VIII is already planning the elimination of his second wife, Anne Boleyn, but other murders are also discovered, the culprit unknown. Jemima is horrified to discover that her gallant captain father is, in fact, not what he pretended to be, and that his heroic death was false, set up to save him from the retaliation of his financial backers. But there is more than that to overcome, for there is a nasty secret hidden in the attic. Tudor life buzzes and swirls, with political intrigue, threat and conspiracy. “Barbara Gaskell Denvil’s tale is Chaucer-like in its characterisations and takes the reader on a suspenseful journey during the tumultuous months leading up to the execution of Anne Boleyn. Murder, mayhem, pirates, courtly conspiracies and tragedy, humour and romance – it is all there, in a story that brings the Tudor world vividly to life.” Wendy J. Dunn, author.

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