Interview with BookDoggy!

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Today I would like to welcome BookDoggy to Layered Pages!

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BookDoggy  Free and Almost-Free eBooks!

What sets BookDoggy apart from other sites that advertise book deals and freebies?

For our readers, we not only feature bestselling authors but we also delight in uncovering hidden gems. That’s our specialty. We want to find the book that no one has discovered and bring it to a wider audience. Plus, we highlight classic novels that are available for free. We’re proud to have featured Dickens, the complete works of Sherlock Holmes, Jane Austen and several others – all for free.

For our authors, we strive to be more than just a place to promote books. We have several programs in the works that we believe will help authors and readers connect. We began very simply by listing the author’s personal website information beside their featured book, plus we keep the book listed on our website for at least four weeks after the promotion. This has worked incredibly well. Authors are finding that BookDoggy’s readers are downloading their books, connecting with them, subscribing to their mailing lists, and asking for more, even after the promotion has ended. And, that’s just the beginning. We’re excited to unveil a couple of new programs in the coming months that we believe will break down barriers and continue helping our authors and readers to connect.

Additionally, we respond to submissions within 72 hours so that authors can plan an effective promotion, and our rates are set at a level to ensure the author receives a healthy return on their investment. We believe that the creator of the work should receive the greatest return from a promotion, not the promotion company.

Do you stick to a particular genre or are they all welcomed?

We cater to our reader’s needs, and our readers read in different genres. We offer every fiction genre you can think of plus we’ve found some really remarkable non-fiction books that we don’t believe anyone else is highlighting. Again, we’re proud to have uncovered those hidden gems.

Do authors have to inform you of their deals or do you do the searching of book sites?

We have a submission form here. Our rates start at no-charge and max out at $10.

What are some of the titles BookDoggy has listed?

We’ve had several USA Today bestselling authors list with us as well as brand new writers. We had a newsletter this week that featured three books that were listed in Amazon’s top twenty overall books. We’re very proud to have helped a little bit with that.

Free books are popular with our readers of course but we’re also finding that they love New Releases. The New Release section of our website consistently has strong traffic so we’ve been fortunate enough to help with the launch of several books that quickly became bestsellers.

What are people saying about BookDoggy?

I just happen to have some testimonials from a couple of our recently featured authors right here:

“I’m very happy with the results from Book Doggy. The first day of my free run for Yucatan Dead put the book at #54 free in the Kindle store. Book Doggy delivered!” Dv Berkom, USA Today bestselling author.

 “This is the best value I’ve had on a promotion for a long time. I’m off to book another for next week. Thank you for an excellent result.” Lucinda E Clarke, award-winning writer.

 “Thanks for your Book Doggy promotion for “Zoysana’s Choice.” I got my biggest bump yet on the day you put it up and the day after. I got increased action on my other books as well. I’ll be back to you for the next book in the series for sure.” Gordon A. Long, multi-published author.

And, the one comment I keep hearing over and over from our readers is quite simply “I love your books!” The contest winners have been a little more excited than that of course. They tend to use lots of exclamation marks when we tell them they’ve won a prize. Those are fun emails to receive.

What are the prizes you have offered in giveaways so far?

BD Kindle Fire Draw

Free print books, $100 Amazon Gift Cards, lots of $20 Amazon Gift Cards, and our September prize is for a Kindle Fire eReader. You can enter that draw right here: here

The draws are free to enter and will continue increasing the value of the prizes as our subscription list grows. In fact, we’re planning our Christmas giveaway now and we’ll be giving away multiple prizes. I even made BookDoggy wear her Santa hat as I was planning the giveaway. She did not look impressed.

Will you add new promotional projects on your site in the future?

Yes, absolutely! Even though we’ve exceeded our expectations (we’ve already had to increase coverage with our host provider two times), we want to continue growing. Late September we’re introducing a top secret program. I can’t tell you much about it right now, but we feel it will be a fun way for authors and readers to interact, and that’s one of our goals. We’ll try almost anything to bring authors and readers together.

Do you have a message you want to convey to your audience?

BookDoggy is reader-driven. We go where our readers want us to go. We’ve already made several changes on the fly to make sure our readers receive exactly what they want in the format they prefer. That’s our priority.

And, we know that if our readers are happy, and downloading books, and signing up for author’s mailing lists then our featured authors will be happy too. I receive thank you emails every single day from readers thanking BookDoggy for providing the content that we send out. And, I can’t keep track of all the tweets, Facebook posts and messages I’ve received from satisfied authors. We’re very happy to be able to help readers and authors connect. Even BookDoggy is smiling. She seems to have lost the Santa hat somewhere though. Maybe that’s why she’s smiling.

Thanks for inviting us to Layered Pages Stephanie, we really appreciate your support!

You’re welcome! A pleasure. 

Readers can find out more about BookDoggy and subscribe here

And, authors can check out what we offer here

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