Novel Expressions: Book Bloggers Wanted

Novel ExpressionsPromotions & Book Tours (1)

Flashlight Commentary and Layered Pages have come together to develop a new and creative platform for Historical Fiction on-line book tours and we are looking for Historical Fiction Book Bloggers to join our team! Novel Expressions will open its promotions and tours in January 2018. As Book Bloggers ourselves we have closely watched -for a few years now- the trends in historical fiction, what readers really want and what book promotions appeal to us. This has helped us tremendously come up with fresh and exciting new ways to spotlight the genre.

We will promote your blog on various social media sites, provide free printed books, ebooks, and have occasional gifts for our team. If you don’t receive the book in time for a review or can’t review the book for a particular reason? No problem, we’ve got you covered. We will provide a tailored blog post option for you.

For more information about Novel Expressions and how to join our team please contact us at

Facebook Page

We look forward to hearing from you!


Erin & Stephanie


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