2021 Books Read

This year has started out great in the reading forecast! Towards the end of last year, I decided I wanted to strive reading a minimum of one book a week or a hundred books for 2021. As the year closed, I became increasingly positive about my new endeavor and the momentum has stayed with me. Ultimately, the goal of reading should be just that. Reading. Especially if you’re out of practice and wish to form the habit. Once you start and keep the pace, a whole new world opens up at your fingertips.

This page is to represent my reading for 2021 and for readers to discover books that they might otherwise have not come across. You’ll find varied genres listed on throughout the year. Be sure to explore the other pages on Layered Pages and may you be inspired. Happy reading! -Stephanie Hopkins

Books Read to Date: 57

Books Read:

January Book Round-Up  

February Book Round-Up

March: Book Round-Up  

April: Book Round-Up

May: Book Round-Up

June: Book Round-Up

July: Book Round-Up

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