All Aboard the Tag Train

Mini art journal tags for sale, made by me, on Instagram! My tags are made with scrap papers, other up-cycled materials, up-cycled fabrics and all sorts of fabulous ephemera! There is also hand stitching on a few of them. These tags are perfect for your crafty endeavors, to write on the back, journal projects, collect, penpal mail, and they make great gift tags!

I offer a special deals for those of you who buy from me through Instagram.

At this time I ship only in the US.

Deal: Free gifts with each purchase and you’re automatically qualify for an entry of a giveaway I’ll be holding at the end of each month.

Follow my hashtag for my product images at #stephsshopatlayeredfinds You’ll also receive additional points for my giveaway when using this hashtag when posting pictures of items on Instagram you’ve purchased from me.

I will be posting tags for sale through 11:00 am eastern standard time.

Tomorrow I will be posting three handmade journals for sale and on Friday, I will be selling ephemera packs with my mini paintings included in each pack.

I sell on three platforms! Check them out below by clicking on each shop.

Instagram Shop

Ebay Shop

Etsy Shop

Stephanie Hopkins Artist by Day, Bookworm by Night

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