How to Make Mixed Media Bookmarks

Great Tips for Beginners

Over the weekend, I have been working on bookmarks for an upcoming bookmark swap on Instagram and I have made three-part videos on this endeavor. Each video shows different mixed media techniques you can use in your crafting. They are simple to follow and they give you a beginner look at creating Mixed Media.

Mixed Media is visual art that uses a mix of materials (usually non-visual) and combine them to create a finished piece. The general rule is using two or more materials such as collage, paint, inks, fabrics, buttons, metal, thread and the list goes on… You can really get creative with this style of medium. This process (besides painting) is my absolute favorite way of creating and I use this method in various crafting endeavors.

Part I: I show how to create a painted background using different color paints and a Dollar Tree cutting mat.

Part II: I show how to use a collage of fabric scraps as a background.

Part III: I show how to use a collage fodder background. In part one, I explain a little bit about how I start the collage fodder process.  

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