Spring Crafting Abundance

This past spring was a lovely time creating junk journals. I accomplished making four one signature journals in all. I’m thrilled with how they turned out and I have filmed YouTube videos on my process and flip-throughs. There are a few others where I showed how I work through the pages when decorating.

There are a few ways I journal and my process, is based on what I’m feeling at the moment or if I wanting to do more than just writing. Today, I’m sharing just a few links to the videos of my spring journal flip-throughs and working through the pages. I hope you take the time to watch them. My wish for you is to be inspired and encouraged. Please be sure to let me know in the comment area if you have any questions regarding these journals.

Spring Journal Links:

Note: I don’t believe I did a final flip-through with the first two journals but I have several videos working through the pages. So, you get a whole view of them while watching my process.

Spring Journal Flip Through | How to Cover White Pages 

Spring Journal | Working Through the Pages

Spring Journal | How to Make a Paper Weave 

Spring Journal | Let’s Make A Paper Circle Bellyband!

Spring Journal | Working Through the Pages 

Spring Journal Flip Through Part II

Spring Journal Flip Through Part III 

Spring Journal Flip Through Part IV

Thank you for watching my videos and please subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to hit the notification bell for video updates! My videos are geared towards paper crafting and the art of journaling. More videos coming soon!

Stephanie Hopkins

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