Musings from the Weekend

The month is August and the heat and humidity in the South is energy zapping to say the least. I can’t wait for Fall to arrive with lovely crisp cool air and vibrant colors of the season. I tend to be more creative in my creative endeavors with cooler weather. Not to say, Sumner doesn’t inspire me. There are many wonderful elements of summer. This past weekend I enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather inside for the most part

Yesterday, I uploaded my latest YouTube video! I shared my latest vintage haul from the lovely Marie and mail from sweet Lori-Ann. Plus, a few ideas I have and what crafty projects I’m currently working on. My energy is somewhat picking up because I know Fall will be here soon and the projects, I want to begin are endless!

Yesterday was also a beautiful day for breaking dishes! What?! Yes, that’s right. I break dishes. I have quite a few mixed media mosaic projects in the works and I need enough material in front of me to begin without having to stop to look for more material at thrift stores. Have you noticed how high the prices are at thrift stores now? Yikes! I’m having to get really creative and use what I have on hand. No complaints about that though because it’s a great challenge for creativity and I love to up-cycle.

I’m also doing a little reorganization in my craft space. That has been an ongoing project. Dare I say, it never ends? I added two of my paintings- at first- I made in the background as a prop. Then I added a third painting and rearranged the jars because it wasn’t feeling right. The third painting is a tree and the jars are blocking the tree trunk. It’s actually a pretty cool painting. I painted the blue vase you see with paint, watered down glue and paint! I need to add another layer, me thinks. I love DIY projects. The vase is glass and it is from the Dollar Tree when everything in the store was still a dollar.

Reorganizing helps with finding inspiration. If I had a choice, the walls would be white. Maybe one day. I’ll show the rest of the shelving once I get it the way I want it to look. It feels great to organize and move things around for a fresh look. Sometimes that’s all you need to feel one with your space.

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I have rambled long enough! My wish is for you to be encouraged and inspired. -Stephanie

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Denim Fabric Bundles for Sale

Looking for denim fabric bundles for your craft endeavors? I’ve got lot’s more newly listed fabric scrap bundles at my eBay shop!

These fabrics are in great condition. No stains, pilling or holes. These fabrics are cut offs from denim jeans for mixed media projects. There is no one size. Mostly small, medium and a few larger square sizes. Not all of them are evenly cut. Several of the material may a stretch to them.

Materials: Cotton and perhaps spandex…

I accept all reasonable offers. I ship in the US only.

Mixed Media Projects in Mind: Card making, tag making, journal making, fabric weaving, making doll clothes, baskets, rug, blankets, collage work and various sewing projects. You can get a ton of use out of them. They make a great collection to add to your fabric stash. Pre-owned and washed before listing.

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Stephanie Hopkins

Mixed Media Artist/Abstract Painter/Blogger

Ephemera Packs for Sale for Crafts, Scrapbooks, Mixed Media Projects

I have quite a few ephemeral packs for crafting at my eBay store! Along with fabric packs and a few art pieces.

Each ephemera orders will contain random pieces. I will also throw in extras!

Mixed Media Projects in Mind: Card making, junk journals, glue books. scrapbooks, collage work and a wide range of crafting projects! You can get really creative with these packs.

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My etsy story has been on vacation mode for a while now. I’m working on changing it up and will be opening it again soon. I have lots of wonder craft and art pieces coming up.

Stephanie Hopkins

Mixed Media Artist/Abstract Painter/Blogger