Review Guidelines

Book Review Guidelines 2021

I’m currently accepting Review Requests from Publishers only.

Please read the following carefully and note that this guideline is subjected to change when my review schedule needs adjusting.

I have been reviewing books since 2011 and was formally a social media marketer for a self-publishing company for five years, and was a co-short-list judge for the 2016 Historical Novel Society indie award. I formally reviewed for the Historical Novel Society. I’m currently reviewing for various Publishing Houses, NetGalley, selected indie authors and mostly main-stream authors. I did take sometime away from reviewing and now I’m currently working on my to-review backlog.

I have accepted a couple of new books to review from authors who have reached out to me. Having said that, unless it’s an author or publishing house I’ve worked with before, I’m currently closed for reviews.

Please keep in mind that I get to the books when my schedule permits it. I work as a freelance publicist and I have other projects-including my own writing-that I’m currently working on, family time, work and I only have so much time in the week.

I do not get paid for reading and writing books reviews. All my reviews written are my own opinions of the story. I give an honest and fair review of the books I read. Often times I do state problems I had with the story regardless who the author is. If the book isn’t starting out well for me, I do have a twenty-five to fifty-page rule before deciding if I will continue the book or not. Sometimes reviewers are not the right fit for a story and to write a review.

The only time I accept an ebook copy is through NetGalley. All others need to be a physical copy of the book. Please do not email me PDFs or assume all review requests will be granted.

I do expect authors and publishers to support my website by sharing and re-sharing the review(s) on various social media sites. This makes for a win-win support system for both Layered Pages and your brand.

Genres I Review: Historical fiction, alternate history selected non-fiction, mysteries, crime fiction, thrillers, southern Gothic, select Christian fiction and general fiction.

I prefer not to read stories loaded down with excess profanity, extreme violence, over use of strong sexual content or the occult.

I respond to book review requests via email only.

To learn more about me and what I do at Layered Pages, please click HERE. The link will take you to my “About” page.

Thank you for your time.  

Stephanie Hopkins