New Beginnings and Free From Clutter

Every few years or so, I clear out books. Before now, I’d clear them to make room for more books. No matter how much I clear, I still have hundreds. I generally hang on to my nonfiction and favorite fiction books. This year, I’m making some big changes. You get to the point in your life where you feel your stuff owns you. My life is moving in a whole new direction and letting go of material things is the start of my journey. The first step, is to clear out more books than I have ever before. A dear friend and I were discussing this last week. We are both determined to declutter.

That said, I am holding on to my nonfiction books and letting go more thrillers and historical fiction that I know I will never read again. A few of them are what I call, household fiction. Yeah, I have weird names for things.

I’m thrilled with this new journey and up next, I will be decluttering craft supplies and going room to room, closet to closet. Let the journey commence. Onward!

Stephanie Hopkins