Interview with Author Christy English

                                                     Author Christy English

1. Who or what inspired you to become an author?

I started writing as a child and never stopped. I began to write again as an adult, but only for myself. Characters showed up with their stories, and I wrote them down for pure pleasure. For the first few years, no one read them but me. Then, one day, I was in Barnes and Noble and saw Tracy Chevalier’s Girl with the Pearl Earring and I realized that not only did other people write historical fiction, a lot of people wanted to read it. So I began working harder, making my books better so that more people could enjoy them than just me.

2. What is your favorite book you have written and why?

My books are like children. I love them all for different reasons. I love The Queen’s Pawn because of the fiery connection between Eleanor and Henry, and for Alais’ sweet innocence at the beginning and at the end of the novel. I love To Be Queen for Eleanor’s passion and courage, for her bravery in the face of great odds, a woman who ruled in a man’s world, and who ruled well.

3. What fascinates you the most about Eleanor of Aquitaine?

I love that Eleanor never gives up. Though faced with insurmountable challenges, Eleanor never surrenders. Though she loses many battles, she never gives up on the over all war. The war she fights all her life is to rule in her own name, to protect herself and her power, to become the woman she was born to be. Like few women in history, Eleanor succeeded in that, and in many other things.

4. What is your next book project?

I am currently writing Regency romance novels for Sourcebooks, and I am loving it. I am re-telling Shakespearean comedies, beginning with The Taming of the Shrew. It is so much fun to delve into a new time, and to completely immerse myself in romance. I am a sucker for true love, and in a romance novel, true love always triumphs.

5. What is your favorite quote?

“Write what you love.”

6. What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Keep writing. Stay in the chair, no matter how tempted you are to give up, to give in, to give out. No one can write with your voice, no one else can tell your story but you.

Much love,

Christy English
Author of the Historical Novels

To Be Queen: A Novel of the Early Life of Eleanor of Aquitaine
and The Queen’s Pawn
From New American Library
Author Bio:
Raised in Wilmington, NC, Christy English received her undergraduate degree in history from Duke University, then began her work as writer of historical fiction. For years Christy attended writers’ conferences, listening to the stories and the experiences of published authors. She decided to take to heart the wisdom of the renowned southern American author, Reynolds Price, given once at a North Carolina Writer’s Conference: “Go into your room, close the door, sit down at your desk, and write.” While continuing to follow Mr. Price’s advice, in 2006 Christy moved to New York City, where she worked as an executive assistant by day, and as a writer of historical fiction by night. Christy’s novel, THE QUEEN’S PAWN, caught the eye of experienced editor, Executive Director Claire Zion at New American Library, an imprint of Penguin Publishing. Claire and Christy met for lunch, and the published version of THE QUEEN’S PAWN was born. Christy’s second novel, TO BE QUEEN: A NOVEL OF THE EARLY LIFE OF ELEANOR OF AQUITAINE, was released from New American Library in April 2011. Her new Regency romance series Shakespeare in Love will be published by Sourcebooks in the fall of 2012.
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Zoo Station by David Downing

A few years ago my Grandfather started to speak of the war in bits and pieces. He sparked my interest in learning more. I’ve read several fictional books over the years about the war, but Zoo Station puts the icing on the cake.

What an intellectually fascinating written story of espionage, good and evil and the time leading up to the brink of war. As I got deeper into the story the more intrigued I became by the characters and their situation. This book touched my heart. A must read.

Rival to the Queen by Carolly Erickson

This was a fast easy read. However, the book didn’t portray Queen Elizabeth in a good light. Lettie was about the only strong character, I thought in this book. This story is about Lettie Knollys -Queen Elizabeth cousin-the only women to stand up to Elizabeth. Lettie Knollys secretly marries Robert Dudley and the Queen basically tries too make Lettie’s life hell for doing so. I enjoy reading about Tudor England and I felt that this book really didn’t portray Tudor England in the way we normally read about. But…having said that, overall it was an interesting read. The plot was good, but could have been a little stronger. So I gave it three stars.

Her Highness, the Traitor by Susan Higginbotham

Susan Higginbotham does a superb job with this story! This is my first novel I have read by Susan. I have read several books about Lady Jane Grey and her family. Susan puts a new light on Jane’s mother, Frances Grey. I’ve never been too fond of the women. I have always thought her to be a mean and abusive women.

The story of Lady Jane is a tragic one. I’ve always thought her unfairly punished for the actions of others around her. After all I believe she was controlled by others.

This novel will be published in June of 2012. Add it to your TBR list! It’s a must read.