Graphic Design Services

The world of social media is made up of many dynamic and different types of clients and expectations. Understanding your audience is key whether you’re an author, artist, photographer or you’re using social media for marketing your commercial products for large corporations.  What is the best way to show case your brand in creative ways to reach a diverse audience? When technology went digital, it became the natural platform to present a wide variety of creative mediums.

One of the ways to capture people’s attention of your work is through graphic banners. This medium is important to give energy and depth to your product(s) and to hold your audience attention. As a mixed media artist, I take original art work I’ve created and transform them into digital banners for social media marketing.

I provide marketing banners at affordable rates and I will take the time to discuss with you, styles, colors, themes, and word content.

If you are interested in Layered Pages creating banners for your social media marketing, you may contact me at:

-Stephanie Hopkins

Images may be subjected to copyright. In order to use art images or any content on Layered Pages platform, please ask permission from Stephanie Hopkins