Q&A with Posher Angela

I’m thrilled to be featuring Posher Angela at Layered Pages today. She is a fashion seller on the Poshmark App and I love her closet! Poshmark is a wonderful community of sellers and buyers. I’m proud to be a part of a community that strives on saving clothes from the landfills and selling fashion at an affordable prices. I have met-locally and from afar-so many wonderful people through Poshmark since I started selling and buying on the App. If you want to learn more about Poshmark’s community, stay tuned to my site as I will be posting more about the App and the importance of sites like them.

Please be sure to check out Angela’s closet and if you see something you like, head on over to her closet and make an offer! Happy Poshing! 

What is your Posh Closet name?

Posh Closet is Bloomingbrands

How did you discover Poshmark?

My sister introduced me to Poshmark back in 2015 as I was giving my clothing away to Goodwill and she suggested I download the site and check it out.

How long have you been on the App?

I joined Poshmark in May 2015. I started reselling from my own closet in January 2016 and decided to start reselling full time on Poshmark in June 2017.

What is your favorite brand to sell on Poshmark?

My favorite brand to sell is ANY brand – thus bloomingbrands. The more colorful and the more character the better. If I had to pick one, I suppose I would pick LuLulemon as the resell value is so high.

What advice would you give a newbie Posher?

The advice I would give to new Poshers is just start. It does not have to be perfect. Just one step at a time. Do not compare yourself with others as you are not on the same path as they are. Follow your gut and do you.

New Poshmark Listings & News

Happy Wednesday! I’ve been busy this week with listing new items in my Poshmark Closet and I am working on a new blog post that I’m thrilled about! It will be completely different from anything I’ve posted before so be sure to stay tuned in to my site. Also, this coming Saturday I will be featuring a fellow Posher. I can’t express enough how much I enjoy meeting and making new friends in the Postmark Community, If you are not familiar with Poshmark, I highly recommend you check them out. Below is a direct link to their App and please use my code to sign up for a $10 credit towards your first purchase.

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Poshing and Bookish Things

My goodness it has been a while since I’ve blogged! I needed a much needed break and now I’m ready to bring my website back to life. I have been so busy since I last posted. With going to various events, and work. I’ve got lots to share in the coming months and I am excited about sharing them with y’all.

Today I have been busy listing new items to my Poshmark Closet, packaging up a sale, Post Office run, checking out books to read next. Its been a while since I’ve written a book review and I am pretty backlogged. I have decided that each evening I will read before bed so I can catch up. Plus, I need the down time and I really miss reading stories. Also, I’m thinking about listening to Doctor Sleep by Stephen King. Hmm…let me know if I should!

I adore my new Starbucks Tumbler shown in the Slideshow! I use them for my Cold Brew Coffees. Yeah…I drink a lot of them. They’re so good! Headed to the Post Office to mail these pair of Boots! Can you tell, I’m just a little caffeinated? Ha! I hope y’all are having a beautiful Wednesday.
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I hope you all are having a marvelous day!

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Free Gifts For Poshmark Buyers!

Free gift sfor poshers

The first 8 people who purchase an item from my Poshmark Closet this weekend will receive one of these items!!! Hooray for free stuff! 🎁🎉 For US Residents Only!!

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