Stephanie Hopkins has been blogging since 2012 on the BlogSpot and WordPress Platform. Was formally social media marketing for a self-publishing company for five years. She was a short-list judge for the 2016 Historical Fiction Society Indie Award. She has reviewed books for the Historical Novel Society, various publishing houses, virtual book tours, NetGalley and self-publishing authors.

Stephanie is currently focusing on her mixed media art and plans on opening an online store soon to sell her art and craft products. She has recently made an art piece for a local Starbucks and is now accepting commission work.

Please contact Stephanie at:

Email: layeredpages@yahoo.com

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  1. Hi, would you be interested in reviewing Edoardo Albert’s new novel ‘Oswald’? Thanks for your review of ‘Edwin’ on GoodReads!
    Rhoda Hardie, Lion Hudson plc, Oxford, UK


  2. You might find this of interest:

    Hayti by Kurtis Sunday – a historical novel set in the Caribbean during the sixteenth century

    Free ebook versions (epub, mobi for Kindle, PDF, non-commercial Creative Commons licence) now available at:

    Unglue.it: https://www.unglue.it/work/288645

    Description: During the Spanish Civil War a German anarchist and historian serving with the International Brigade discovered an account of how a Florentine nun led a mission to Hayti, Spain’s first American colony, two decades after its ‘discovery’ by Christopher Columbus. But she also had a secret assignment – to find out if the passage through to Asia depicted on a world map published by the German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller actually existed. During her investigations, she meets up with Fray Hugo de Montenegro, a Dominican monk who has been there for several years and has been collecting accounts of Spanish atrocities; and she comes into contact with Taíno freedom fighters and their allies, escaped African slaves who had been imported to work on the new sugar plantations, as well as to the attention of the brutal colonial authorities. The narrative unfolds against the background of the horrors of the Spanish Conquest of the Americas, the destruction of its original peoples, the commencement of the Atlantic slave trade and the beginnings of globalisation with the foundation of the Spanish Empire. But is it a factual account or the first work fiction written in the Americas?


  3. Hello, Stephanie,

    First, thanks for liking Lisl’s review of FOUR NAILS.

    Second, thanks for all your beautiful work on your blog, for the BRAG Medallion program and the HNS.

    Third, I knew your name from somewhere, and I think now it’s from your reviews for the HNS. Me too!

    Finally, I appreciate your love of covers. The coin on the cover of FOUR NAILS was minted at the time of the story and shows the story’s hero–not Hannibal but his elephant. The coin is set against the Alps in fog at about the place where his army crossed.

    Best regards,


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  4. Hi Stephanie–I just wanted to drop you a quick line and thank you for your help with our cover reveal for THE SOCIAL GRACES. Thanks to you, I felt like we came out of the gate strong!

    I know bloggers and book influences are often overlooked, the unsung heroes of our industry. I remember when I published my first book back in 2007, bloggers were basically avid readers looking for free books. Well, times have certainly changed. Today, you play such a crucial role in shaping a book’s fate as well as its author. I know you’re not doing this for the monetary rewards but rather from the goodness of your heart and your love of books and that is never lost on me.

    So again, I thank you for your support and hopefully I’ll have more news and giveaways for you to share with your followers.

    Happy reading!

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