The Greatest Knight (William Marshall #1) by Elizabeth Chadwick

This story is about William Marshal who was a fourth son of a minor aristocratic family who rose above his situation in life. William became a knight who served King Henry The Second, Eleanor Of Aquitaine and their sons during the twelfth century in England.

Chadwick begins this story with Williams childhood. Although, Chadwick immediately sweeps you into Williams Knighthood. The story of his childhood is lacking…but the character development is fascinating. The book is full of examples of William showing his loyalty to the royal family despite the opposition of others.

At the end of this book Chadwick leaves you wanting to know more about the life of William Marshal. This is definitely a book that I would want to pick up and read again sometime. I enjoy reading about the Middle Ages and this book is without a doubt one of the best stories that portrays Medieval Europe.

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