The Mistress’s Revenge by Tamar Cohen

This girl Sally has a five year affair with this married man named Clive. He dumps her and of course she is upset and wants revenge. But what does she expect would happen? She thinks he would have left his wife for her? She should have gotten the clue that wasn’t going to happen after the first year or so! It gets better….She is with a man name Daniel and they have two children together.

I have to admit I was mentally exhausted after reading this story. A story about infidelity, obsession and revenge.I was utterly disgusted with Clive and Sally. More so with Sally and just how far she went. She should have left it alone when Clive dumped her. Sally had her revenge and she payed a high price for it. She broke up a family, including her own. Of course Clive helped with that also.

I felt Sally had no shame, guilt or remorse. In the end of the story she says, “If I’ve learned anything from this at all, it’s that life goes on and we must move on too.” Separately.

Wow! What a nut case!

This book is definitely a page turner. The Author Tamar Cohen does an excellent job exploring a person’s mind on obsession and revenge.


1 thought on “The Mistress’s Revenge by Tamar Cohen

  1. I have also read this book, and found it really annoying, unclear and boring.It does not make sense. Very dull ending. Not very well written.What was the point of it all.Sorry but not for me… I won't be reading any future novels from this author.


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