Character Interview with Destiny Fairchild (The Twelfth Child) and a Book Giveaway!

I’m honored to introduce Destiny Fairchild, a character in Bette Crosby’s new book, The Twelfth Child. 

Destiny, in The Twelfth Child, the author mentions that your mother abandoned you when you were only nine years old, how much of that do you remember?

I remember a lot more than I talk about. Back then, times were hard and when Mama was feeling ugly I’d try to stay clear of her, especially if she was drinking whiskey. One morning she woke me up and told me we’re going to the Food Mart—which shocked the pants off me because Mama hated Food Mart. When we got home she set the bag of groceries on the table and said something about how that would hold me for awhile. That afternoon, dressed up with red lipstick and a flowered dress, she walked out the door and never came back.

Did you consider that maybe she’d had an accident or was killed?

At first that’s exactly what I thought, but there were plenty of times when Mama didn’t come home for a night or two, so I didn’t get real worried until two weeks had gone by. Then I went looking in her closet and saw all the good dresses were gone along with the locket her daddy had given her. The only things left behind were a pair of dungarees and two shirts with paint splatters. That’s when I knew Mama wasn’t ever coming back.

What about your father?

I never even knew who he was. Mama said the scoundrel ran off a week after I was born.

What did you do once you discovered your mother wasn’t coming back?

I stayed there by myself for awhile, hoping Mama would change her mind and come home. Then Mister Robinson, the landlord, came looking for rent money and I didn’t have any. Missus Clark who lived down the hall from us let me stay there in exchange for my doing the chores. When she passed on, her sister Maggie let me live with her and do cleaning chores.

You became very good friends with Abigail Anne Lannigan, but she was more than twice your age, what did a friendship like that offer you?

Friendship is about what you give, not what you get. I loved Abigail and she loved me too. She loved me way more than Mama did.

Abigail’s nephew, Elliott, claims that your friendship was nothing more than a ruse to swindle his aunt out of her money. What’s your answer to this accusation?

He’s lying. I never once asked his aunt for a dime. I didn’t want her money, I was happy just to have her love. He’s the one, who was after her money and the saddest part is that he didn’t give a hoot about her. After Abigail died, he didn’t shed one tear, instead he came around asking when the will was gonna be read.

Abigail’s twin brother sold the family farm for over a million dollars and when he died, he left everything to Abigail—do you know what happened to that money?

I don’t believe she ever had a million dollars. She sure didn’t have that money in her bank account, I know ‘cause I did most of her banking. Abigail was comfortable enough, but she was a long way from what you’d call rich.

You claim Abigail was your best friend, do you think you ever failed her?

Yes, I think I failed her when I didn’t believe she was dying. She tried time and again to tell me, but I didn’t want to hear any part of it. I think Abigail would have died a happier woman if she knew Elliott could never get his grubby hands on her house or any of her things.

If you could talk to Abigail again, what would you say?

First I’d tell her how much I love her, although I think she already knows that. And second I’d tell her the truth about that little leather bag she kept underneath her pillow – she always thought her strength came from that lucky charm, but the truth is that all along her strength simply came from her heart.

What is your most prized possession?

That picture of me and Abigail with our painted pink toenails.

Is that the biggest gift Abigail ever gave you?

Abigail gave me lots of gifts, one time she even gave me twenty-five thousand dollars! That was more money than I’d ever had in my entire life, but it wasn’t the best gift. The biggest and best gift she ever gave me was her whole heart, and I’d like to think I gave her the same in return.

Do you think the author portrayed you accurately?

I think so. There’s always secrets a person has buried so deep they don’t even know they’re there, I think Bette Lee Crosby found Abigail’s secrets and I have a sneaky feeling she’s going to uncover mine in this next book she’s writing.

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I highly recommend entering to win Bette’s book, The Twelfth Child. It is truly and a wonderful story and will move you deeply.

Thank you Destiny and Bette for this intriguing and fun interview!

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4 thoughts on “Character Interview with Destiny Fairchild (The Twelfth Child) and a Book Giveaway!

  1. I had never thought about a character interview like this before.But what better way can there be to breath life into your character? This was a great interview that had me truly smiling from the very first question! Thanks to the both of you and to Destiny as well. Very good job but then again it is exactly what I've come to expect from Stepfanie and Layered Pages!


  2. What an interesting way to interview and review a book. You had me at "That afternoon, dressed up with red lipstick and a flowered dress, she walked out the door and never came back."I will definitely check this book out. Hope it available at my library or local book store. Checking that out tomorrow.


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