Darcy’s Decision by Maria Grace

Having renewed my acquaintance with Jane Austen by rereading several of her masterworks including Pride and Prejudice in the last year, it was with joyful anticipation I began to read Maria Grace’s Darcy’s Decision. I was not disappointed! Grace’s delightful tour de force introduces the reader to Austen’s Darcy as he inherits Pemberley and works toward becoming its best master ever. I simply could not put it down. I found myself reading long into the night trying to figure out how Darcy would handle the most delicate matter concerning his young sister Georgiana. A quick glance at the chapter titles gives the reader a good idea of the challenges Darcy will face. Such chapter titles include: To Whom Much is Given; Bad Company corrupts Good Company; and Folly is Bound Up in the Heart of a Child.

The characters postively leap from the pages! They are alive and interesting. They are people the reader wants to get to know better.

Grace has an eye for detail and a knack for recreating Austen’s world. I heartily recommend her books to Austen fans everywhere! I am eagerly awaiting more in this series.
Author Michele Kallio
Review Team Member

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