Review: The Red Gate by Richard Sutton

The Red Gate
By: Richard Sutton
The Red Gate by Richard Sutton is a great example of how family history can be made intriguing and interesting! The novel starts with an unexplained drowning and a rainy funeral. These events are just the catalyst that sets off a chain of unexpected events leading to the discovery of an ancient secret that threatens the future of a family if exposed to the world. Everything has to do with a little bead that Finn finds, it is the key to a much greater and significant family history that is buried under the land owned by Finn and his father.
Richard Sutton produces an excellent novel that is well written and full of emotion. The book is descriptive and lyrical making it a joy to read as well as keeping the readers interest from waning. The reader can feel the hardship of the characters as well as the warmth of a family who supports one another. The characters were well written and really brought the novel to life. The Red Gate is a historical fiction novel that has been clearly well researched, there is so much Irish heritage throughout out the story it makes the reader want to pick up and move to the Emerald Isle.
I give this book four stars! An excellent read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction as well as Irish family heritage.
Rachel Massaro
Review Team Member

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