In loving memory to the kindest loveliest of women, Author M.M. Bennetts

I learned this week that a friend of mine passed away in her sleep Monday night. I had the honor of meeting M.M Bennetts through social media and it has be a real delight to get to know her and her work. Last time we spoke together we were talking about my coming over to England to visit her. She talked of showing me around and going riding with her….she loves horses. For a few years now she had been battling cancer but she did not let it be known to a lot of people. She was always so positive and high-spirited. She had such a love for life that was catching….whenever I chatted with her, I always had a smile on my face and she could make me laugh like no one else.

 M.m Bennetts

I was deeply touched. M.M was an incredible giving, loving, witty, classy, encouraging, supportive, talented, and Intelligent. She touched so many people’s lives and her memory will be cherish forever. Not only was she all these things I have described but much, much more….she spoke often to me of her family and history was one of her great passions. Particularly Napoleon, Napoleonic France and her love for cakey. I will never forget all our conversations we had together and her unfailing friendship and support. M.M. Bennetts, you will be missed.

 Tea with M.m

A few places you will find M.M. and her work on social media:

My interview with her, here

M.M. Bennetts Website

Beth Von Staats Interview with M.M.

Madame Glilfurt’s Tribute to M.M.

Maria Grace’s Interview with M.M.


1 thought on “In loving memory to the kindest loveliest of women, Author M.M. Bennetts

  1. Thanks so much for a beautiful tribute, Stephanie, and I will go to the others you have offered links to. I hardly knew her – a few interactions on FB, which were always very interesting and special (as I write about music, she would often offer her insights) – but I could feel what a remarkable talented, bright, witty and lovely person she was.


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