Book Review: Ultimatum by Simon Kernick

Paperback, 352 pagesPublished September 9th 2014 by Atria Books


#1 bestselling author Simon Kernick will leave you breathless with his sheer storytelling power in this race-against-time thriller about a terrorist threat in London. An explosion blasts through a cafe in Central London. Minutes later, a call from an unknown terror group warns that a far greater attack will be launched in twelve hours’ time. William Garrett, nicknamed “Fox,” is awaiting trial for mass murder. He claims he can name the bombers—but only at a price. It’s a terrifying race against time for Detective Inspector Mike Bolt and Deputy Commissioner Tina Boyd as they chase their targets across the city in a desperate bid to prevent a major atrocity before it’s too late…

My thoughts: 

It is not often I have a chance to read modern day thrillers and I’m so glad I chose this one to read next! I don’t know what made me decide this one. Maybe because I haven’t read anything from this author before….also, the premise sounded interesting…

This story packs a punch! I haven’t read a thriller quite like this one before. I was completely enthralled throughout the story. Fast-paced, at the edge of your seat read all the way. The opening scene was superbly done and sets up the story perfectly. I enjoyed the portrayals of all the characters, even the villains. I did find some of the content interesting in the book however. Like one in regards few thoughts on America and I was really amazed at the difference between the guns laws between the UK and America, police policy and the law dealing with criminals. The alternating point of views was a bit distracting for me but as I continued with the story, I became used to it and feel it works in this book. I highly recommend this read and I will definitely be reading more books from this author.

Stephanie M. Hopkins


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