Sunday’s Book Highlight

Fernandez front cover final

Little Angelina always dreamt about adventures in a faraway land. What she never imagined was that those dreams would take her to the past… her past.

After being inexplicably removed from her family in a small fishing town in Argentina, six year-old Angelina is sent to a Catholic convent, where she spends her next twelve years. During her lonely days at the convent, she finds solace in the company of a mysterious presence, by the name of Sarah Fernandez, which gradually reels her into the life of a marrano family living at the end of the Fifteenth Century in Cordoba, Spain. As Angelina embeds herself in the life of the Fernandez family, she understands that the presence is not a product of her imagination. Rather, Sara is the link to her secret past and her only hope for survival. Set amid the notorious Spanish Inquisition and the murderous Dirty War in Argentina of the late 1970s, two women, more than four centuries apart, transcend the barriers of time and fight political and religious persecution to ensure the survival of their lineage. The Last Fernandez is a story about courage, passionate love, unspeakable betrayal, and hope.

Sandra P Gluschanoff

I was born and raised in Argentina. A descendant of immigrants from several corners of the globe, different languages, colors and food were my every day. So, was silence and fear as my childhood happened during the years of the dirty war, the military regime. While my academic background is in psychoanalysis (a Freudian girl, gotta love the divan!), anthropology, Judaic studies, and Hebrew language teaching, my interest turned to writing. Through the years I have written a number of screenplays, I have served as a Judge for the Brass Brad Screenwriting Mentorship Award and in 2012 I was honored to be part of the judging panel for the University of California Santa Barbara Student Screenwriting Competition.

Before writing my first novel The Last Fernandez, I kept busy as a freelance writer and script consultant.


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