Review: The Sharp Hook of Love by Sherry Jones

The Sharp Hook of Love-large

The first retelling of the passionate, twelfth-century love story since the discovery of 113 lost love letters between Heloise d’Argenteuil and Pierre Abelard—the original Romeo and Juliet. He was the most famous philosopher in the world, a headmaster and a poet whose dashing good looks would make any woman swoon. She was Paris’s most brilliant young scholar, beautiful and wry, and his student. Forbidden by the church and society to love each other, these enchanting lovers defied all the rules to follow their own hearts and risk everything that mattered to them, including each other. An illicit child, a secret marriage, a vengeful uncle: nothing can come between them—until a vicious attack tears them apart forever…or does it? Incorporating original text from their achingly beautiful love letters, this is the tale of Heloise and Abelard, whose love affair, like that of Romeo and Juliet, and Antony and Cleopatra, has become one of the greatest stories of all time. The Sharp Hook of Love is an imaginative, intimate, and erotic portrayal of the star-crossed lovers whose tale of passion and tragedy still touches hearts today.

My review:

I have been dreading writing this review with a passion for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because I’ve been fretting over…I’m just going to say it. I enjoyed Jones tragic love story of Heloise and Abelard in The Sharp Hook of Love better than Shakespeare’s, Romeo and Juliet. *cringes and ducks head, waiting for the Shakespeare enthusiasts to bring down the ax on me* Now don’t get me wrong! I love Shakespeare’s work. The second reason why I have dreaded writing this review is because I feel my review won’t do this book justice. Sherry Jones has put her whole heart and soul in to this story. I heard about this book being written last year and I could hardly contain my excitement. I’m extremely particular about love stories. I normally don’t read them but when it’s historical fiction… I’m all for it and Jones doesn’t disappoint.

Jones does an impeccable job with the historical detail of the two lovers and their plight. A week after I read her book, I was at a county book sale and came upon, French Lovers (From Heloise & Abelard to Beauvoir & Saptre by Joseph Barry. Boy, was I delighted to come across this book! How often does that happen?! Needless to say… I devoured it in two days and from what I read from it and from having read Jones’s story-I knew what she had written was golden.

Jones has the ability and a magic touch for bringing voices of the past alive again. My emotions ran high while reading this story and they still do when I think about Heloise & Abelard and more so what she sacrificed for her love of him. Heart-wrenching, indeed. Beautifully and brilliantly told.

Stephanie Moore Hopkins


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