Jinty’s Lament (a very short story) by Stuart S. Laing

Staurts photo for short story


“Whaur’s that blimming cat got tae noo?” Jinty sighed as she stared around the edge of her door, peering out into the darkness of Fishmarket Close. “If yer no’ hame in ten minutes, ye kin hae a night on the tiles!” she warned the moonless night and absent feline before closing the door over and slowly shuffled on tired legs back across the tiny space which constituted her home. With a weary sigh at the dull pain in her chest and legs, reminders of every one of her eighty-three years, she gently lowered herself into an armchair almost as old as herself.

Nestling back into the mass of cushions which bolstered her thin, bone weary body, she gazed into the low burning flames of a handful of coals in the fireplace which provided the sole illumination in the room.

The warmth they provided was welcome, as was the scant light they gave out. The dancing shadows hid the dust and dirt which gathered on every surface no matter how often she cleaned, not that she did as often as she had in the past. That was back in the days when her husband Josiah had still lived. He had been gone for almost twenty years now leaving her heart-broken. The fruits of their union, two fine, strapping sons had attempted to help her around the house once. Their wives had tried to ease her burden but as time rolled on their visits became fewer and fewer and the gaps between them grew longer and longer. Now she would struggle to recall exactly when she had last seen hide or hair of them. Her sole company these days was a feline philanderer she named, with no real thought, simply Cat. Like most males, she had discovered, he could not be relied upon to be dependable. She had sat long into the night more times than she cared to count, sitting here in front of a dying fire, waiting for the scratching at the door or his impatient yowl which signified his return…..read more of this story here

A Few of my thoughts:

Stuart is a talented story teller. He is so descriptive with words and really captures the period and setting of his stories. And his characters are lively and have a lot of spunk! Jinty’s Lament is a prime example of that talent! I’m wondering if he will expand on this story. Hmm…..either way it’s fabulous! Three cheers to Stuart S. Laing and hoping he will write more about these fascinating characters!

Stuart S. Laing is also the author of A Robert Young of Newbiggin Mystery Books! You can find them on Amazon! Highly recommend!

Stephanie M. Hopkins

About Author:

Stuart Laing

Stuart S. Laing was born and raised on the east coast of Scotland in the ancient Pictish Kingdom of Fife Stuart grew up looking across the Firth of Forth towards the spires and turrets of the city of Edinburgh and its castle atop its volcanic eyrie.

He has always been fascinated by the history of Auld Reekie and has spent most of his life studying Scottish history in all its aspects whenever he finds the time between family, work and the thousand and one other things that seek to distract him.

Despite the vast panorama of Scotland’s history he always find himself being drawn back to the cobbled streets of the Old Town. Those streets have provided the inspiration for his stories and characters.

He would urge all visitors to Scotland’s ancient capital to (briefly) venture into one of the narrow closes running down from the Royal Mile to get a flavour of how alive with mischief, mayhem, love and laughter these streets once were.



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