Book Review: The Chase by Lorna Fergusson

The Chase

A married couple (Gerald and Netty) whose marriage is rocky at best due to a loss so bad they can’t escape or heal from the pain. It haunts them and to try to put the painful past behind them, the Gerald finds an old house on an ancient land- where tragic events happen- in the woods of the Dordogne and moves there with Netty.

Does history repeat itself? You question that while reading this story.

The moment they arrived Netty does not have a good feeling about the house and its surrounding. She tries to make a room in the house her own and as they settle in and meet people and venture out to do a bit of sigh seeing and things start to happen as the story unfolds…

There is an ominous past that is still present in the house and land that gives it a dark, unsettling feeling. I longed to reach out to Netty and tell her to get out of there throughout the story. The people she and her husband meets also are different or they seem unique and haunted themselves-if you will-through their situations in life. There is more to the story than meets the eye and you have to really go into this story with an open mind. Its style of writing is written differently than you might be used to and the ending was quite different than I expected.

There are-I believe-historical themes throughout this story and I liked how they were weaved through the book. It’s hard to explain how I felt about the characters. I had raw emotions with most of them. Netty stood out to me the most. She is different, tragic and I wanted to see her become a stronger and more independent women. To make better choices but I think the house and land she moved to, kept a deeper grasp on her than the pain and loss she experienced before moving there. She was trapped. I hope that is not a spoiler. You just need to read the story to understand what I mean.

I rated this book three and a half stars.

Stephanie H. Hopkins



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