Review: A desperate Fortune by Susanna Kearsley

A desperate fortune

What a fantastic premise! I’m intrigue with stories that involve code breaking and to blend in a time slip theme gives a story more depth and compelling insight of the people in the story who break codes. Their process in doing so-if you will. The way their mind works is truly extraordinary and the author shows that in this story. Sara Thomas a women who was hired by an historian once famous is asked to cipher a journal from a women who lived in the past…300 hundred years ago in fact. She is encouraged by her cousin to take the job. There is one thing, Sara has Asperger but this perhaps heightens her intelligence for ciphering codes. She decides to take the job and travels to Paris where the job is at. The journal is in a home of a women who is a photographer-a bit eccentric- but does not play a major role in the story. There she starts to decipher the journal and the tale takes a different direction than expected…

I enjoyed how the author weaved the modern day story with the historical one and I found myself not wanting to put the book down because I had to find out what came next. There is also a bit of romance that develops in the story I did not mention above and I felt it was nicely done. This is the second book I have read by this author and I feel this story is a vast improvement from the first one I read. I really enjoyed the writing style in this one. However, I felt there could have been stronger character development. I am rating this book four stars.

*ARC received from NetGalley/publisher for an honest review

Stephanie M. Hopkins

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