Book Review: Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor by Melanie Dobson

Shadows of ladddenbrook manorI’m always intrigued with stories that blend the past and present….

In the present, a woman named Heather –who lives in the States- must return to England. Her parents have passed and their cottage needs tending to. She must decide if she is going to keep the cottage or sell it. Shortly after she arrives, she comes across secrets about her parents that change her situation to say the least. Not only that, she has secrets of her own.

In the past, a young girl named Libby- who is not quite like everyone else- finds herself drawn to the son of Lord Croft of Ladenbrooke Manor. Libby becomes pregnant and when her father kicks her out of the cottage, she finds herself in even more trouble. Not only that, Lord Crofts son drowns in the river on the property and no one was ever found responsible.

As the story weaves from the past to present, you become intrigued with the mystery surrounding these two families and as you learn more about them, you are fascinated with their extraordinary but tragic lives. I found this book to be atmospheric, true to the time and place. You really has a sense of the historical surroundings and the emotions the writer brings, leaves you longing to know more about these people’s lives.

Throughout reading the story I couldn’t help but wish I could explore the cottage and the Manor. So mysterious and full of charm. A lovely story.

I’ve rated this book four stars.

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