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Masking the truth II

Edinburgh 1746

Robert Young and Captain Charles Travers once again join forces to investigate a vicious attack on a young actress. Despite being convinced of the guilt of the four young men responsible, wealth and family connections means that their trial is a mockery of justice. While they believe themselves to be untouchable, and can treat the poor with utter contempt and immunity, it soon becomes clear that Death is no respecter of wealth or rank. Robert and Charles now have to find a killer before he can strike again, even though they know the victims are far from innocent.

About the Author:

Stuart Laing

Born in 1966 and raised on the east coast of Scotland in the ancient Pictish Kingdom of Fife. Married to a wonderful woman for 19 years and we have been blessed with a beautiful daughter. I really have to say thank-you to my wife for allowing me to spend so much time in the 18th Century when there are jobs in the 21st Century probably requiring my attention! I have always been fascinated by the history of Edinburgh and have spend most of my adult life studying Scottish history in all its aspects but always find myself being drawn back to the cobbled streets of the Old Town. I would urge all visitors to Scotland’s ancient capital to (briefly) venture into one of the narrow closes/alleys running off from the Royal Mile to get a flavour of how alive with mischief, mayhem, love and laughter these streets once were.

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