Cover Crush: SAWBONES by Melissa Lenhardt

As many of you know, I judge a book by its cover. And as I said on my last cover crush post, Overall presentation is important to pull a reader in. When I read a story I want to be completely immersed. A grand cover helps that along. Imagery and all-if you will. Check out this book description below and then be sure to read what I have to say about the cover and the premise!


Outlander meets post-Civil War unrest in this fast-paced historical debut.

When Dr. Catherine Bennett is wrongfully accused of murder, she knows her fate likely lies with a noose unless she can disappear. Fleeing with a bounty on her head, she escapes with her maid to the uncharted territories of Colorado to build a new life with a new name. Although the story of the murderess in New York is common gossip, Catherine’s false identity serves her well as she fills in as a temporary army doctor. But in a land unknown, so large and yet so small, a female doctor can only hide for so long.

My thoughts:

SAWBONES grabbed my attention immediately! I believe I stared at it for a few minutes taking it all in. Look as how she is clutching the doctor bag. You know right away she is about to flee. The tone of colors really sets the mood for the story. At least I hope it does. I have not read the book yet. If you look closely the background is a map. How cool is that?!

In the book description Catherine is a doctor and is accused of murder, I find the title (Sawbones) really interesting! Do you think morbid? Hmm…I will see when I read the story.

Everything about the cover, title and the book description draws a reader in.

This looks to be a gripping read!

Stephanie M. Hopkins

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3 thoughts on “Cover Crush: SAWBONES by Melissa Lenhardt

  1. Hi Stephanie — I too think the concept is a good one and the cover has a professional feel. On the other hand . . . if I have to look closely to see the map, then it’s not going to draw in readers as a thumbnail on Amazon. Ditto with the doctor bag. It’s kind of clear when blown up like you show it here, but even then it is somewhat obscured by the author name over it. Frankly, my “virginal experience” on seeing it the first time was an oddly dressed executive woman. Now that I look at it closer, I can see I was wrong. But how many people will take a second look? Loved the title and concept. I hope it does well.

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    • HI, Dennis! You do have a point! Actually I didn’t notice the map until yesterday. At first glance I had not…
      I do wish the authors name did not cover the bag. Overall the cover and title is eye catching for sure. I hope it does well too and I look forward to reading the story. I hope it lives up to my expectations. 🙂


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