An Oldie but Goodie

me-iiLast week I thought I would start an Oldie but Goodie Series of older book reviews that I had previously written. Since it has gone well so far, I thought I would go ahead and post another one sooner than I planned. It’s great fun to look back at older reviews. Or maybe sometimes it’s not? *laughing* Though I have to say in the review below my opinions are still the same of Equilibrium and I like what I wrote just fine. Be sure to take a look at my other posts on Layered Pages and help support book bloggers!


equilibriumReview: Equilibrium by Evie Woolmore

Equilibrium is an evocative tale of two Sisters-Epiphany and Martha-who are mediums performing on stage in a theater in London, England in the early 1900’s. A Lady Adelia Lyward sees the performance and wants Epiphany to give her a private reading. She wanted to learn the truth of her brother’s death not knowing the sisters have a connection to her household. Martha was a housemaid to the Lyward’s two years previous and fell pregnant by Adelia’s husband, Lord Rafe Lyward. In disgrace Martha left the Lyward’s household, gave her child away and attempted suicide in the River Thames, she survived… But there is more to the Lyward’s household then meets the eye.

The beginning of the story starts slowly but I was pleasantly surprised as I read on to discover how the mystery surrounding Adelia’s brother’s death is revealed. However, I would have liked to have seen the historical elements to be stronger and expanded further on-such as the social changes in England during this period and I wanted to have a clearer picture on the details as to why Adelia’s brother went to South Africa during the Boer War then what was told.

Overall, this story is rich in complex characters with remarkable depth despite their shortcomings. Epiphany’s voice gave- what I believe- a comfort to those she was interacting with at times and I thought she gave the story a calmness and a delicate reality to this tragic and harsh story that was unfolding. I recommend Equilibrium to readers who enjoys historical fiction with spiritualism influences.

Layered Pages

Review previously published on the Historical Novel Society website.

I rated this story three stars!

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