An Oldie but Goodie

me-iiTwo weeks ago, I started an Oldie but Goodie Series of older reviews that I had written. The series has really kicked off and today I am delighted to share another one! It is so amusing to look back at older reviews. My reactions have been, “What was I thinking? Oh, I quite like what I wrote or I should have expanded on some things further.” Having said that, I won’t be rewriting the reviews. One must learn from one’s own writing! I reviewed Bianca’s Vineyard back in my early days of reviewing. Becoming a book reviewer was by chance really. I was writing up some brief thoughts of the books I read, due to a book club I had Co-started with and that is how it all began. Authors started to approach me, then publishers, an editor from the Historical Novel Society and book tour coordinators. It really took off from there.

teresa-neumannI met Teresa Neumann on-line and she approached me about reviewing her book. I have gotten to know her a little bit and she is such a lovely lady and a talented writer. I haven’t spoken to her in a while and I hope to soon. Maybe she will see this post and we will get in contact! I wonder what she is up to today and what her writing projects are? Oh, I see another guest post happening in the near future!

Stephanie M. Hopkins



biancas-vineyardPaperback, 412 pages

Published November 12th 2010 by All’s Well House 

Teresa Neumann brings you a captivating story based on real events leading up to and that takes place during World War II. This story is about a family’s strength and bond to each other and their struggles to survive a turbulent time in our History.  Egisto Bertozzi, a sculptor must marry and travel to America to support his family in Italy. He marries a women named Armida Sigali who becomes troubled and abandons her family and moves back to Italy and all is not well for her…Egisto loves his children and works hard to provide for them and his family, never giving up that Armida will come back to them. However, Armida becomes a nanny for a family who supports Mussolini. Not everything is what it seems and she soon discovers they are very dangerous. Her fate becomes sealed.

Bianca’s Vineyard is beautifully written and is rich in culture and complex characters. Neumann gives you a realistic picture of what people went through during the war and how they survived a terrible force bent on destroying everything they have worked hard for and loved. I highly recommend this story! You will fall in love with it the moment you start the first page.

Rated Five Stars!

Stephanie M. Hopkins

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