The Evening Star: A 1929 Series Prequel Novella (The 1929 Series Book 0) by M. L. Gardner

Are you familiar with M.L. Gardner? She is the best-selling author of the 1929 series. If you love stories from this era, you should check them out. They are popular. I have a few of them on my Kindle and I just downloaded this one. The Evening Star is currently 99 cents on the Amazon US Kindle. The cover is stunning!

Stephanie M. Hopkins


About the Book:

The Evening Star is a 1929 Series Prequel Novella. See how it all started for one couple in this dynamic series and begin your journey into the world of 1929.

Caleb Jenkins wasn’t looking for the love of his life. After selling his grandfather’s farm in Massachusetts, he was only searching for a place to start over and forget his past. In his travels through Georgia, he meets Arianna Bellamy, a woman with modern ideas, struggling beneath the confines of old-fashioned values and strict parents.

She begins to buckle under the weight of the responsibility that’s been placed on her. Caleb sees a kindred spirit in her yearning to be free and has to fight to get beneath the iron exterior that Arianna has built for her own protection. As he starts to unravel her complicated nature, he shows her a life she knew existed but had always been denied. Caleb suggests that they run off together to New York. With the firm hold her family has on her, Arianna must make a choice between love and obligation.

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