Cover Crush: Island of Secrets by Patricia Wilson

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I am not a cover designer but I can agree that cover layouts play an important role in the overall presentation of books and I must admit, often times I first judge a book by its cover.


island-of-secrets-by-patricia-wilsonIsland of Secrets by Patricia Wilson

Pub Date 18 May 2017

As I remember, the story started at about six o’clock in the morning on the fourteenth of September, 1943…’

All her life Angie 37-year-old London-born has been intrigued by her mother’s secret past. Now, planning her own wedding she feels she must visit the remote Cretan village her mother grew up in, despite her objections.

Unbeknownst to Angie her elderly grandmother, Maria, is dying. She wants to unburden herself of the terrible story that she will otherwise take to the grave. It’s the story of the time of the German occupation of Crete during the Second World War, of horror, of courage and of the lengths to which a mother will go to protect her children and of how you learn to go on in the aftermath of tragedy. And it’s the story of bitter secrets that broke the family apart, and of three enchanting women who come together to heal wounds that have damaged two generations.

If you loved Victoria Hislop’s THE ISLAND and the novels of Santa Montefiore and Rosanna Ley, you will fall completely in love with this novel.


Most of you by now have figured out that I am drawn to  pictures of water. Secrets on an island as part of the premise adds to the allure of this book cover. Everything about this cover including the title gives us a fascinating look at what this book holds. I have not read the story yet but I look forward to sometime in the near future.


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