Cover Crush: ENEMY WITHIN by Mick Bose

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I am not a cover designer but I can agree that cover layouts play an important role in the overall presentation of stories and I must admit, often times I first judge a book by its cover.



The most wanted man in the country is sleeping in your house…
The world`s fate depends on your actions, but how far will you go?

“From the author of the wildly popular DAN ROY SERIES, comes a high octane, edge of your seat thriller.

The year is 1918. War is raging in Europe. America has a new weapon so deadly no one knows about it. But a killer spy in New York finds out, and he will stop at nothing to fulfill his destructive mission.
A policeman in New York starts the manhunt that convulses a nation. Even the President is aware.

In a farmhouse in Iowa, a woman becomes inextricably involved. She holds the key to the final puzzle.

As the War begins to slip out of the Allies grasp, who will stop the man who can turn the tide of war?

Find out in this blistering, fast paced thriller, that races to a nail biting finish.

My thoughts: 

Today this book is free on Amazon. I saw the promotion on BookBub via email and snagged a copy! Can’t wait to read it. I love everything about the cover. The colors, the multi-layered layout. This cover shouts thriller and intrigue. The premise sounds marvelous and I do love a good period piece. Get your copy today!


Cover Crush is a weekly series that originated with Erin at Flashlight Commentary. Latest cover crush HERE

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2 thoughts on “Cover Crush: ENEMY WITHIN by Mick Bose

  1. I saw the book today in an email and decided to buy it, much thanks to your cover crush! I was too busy yesterday to read your thoughts about your book when I linked and shared the book, but now when I finally can sit down and browse do I agree with you the cover is really eye-catching. 🙂


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