How Do Literature, Art and Photography Intertwine

WaterfallPreviously published on L.A.P. it Marketing

Writers breathe life into characters with words and their book is their canvas. A writer’s art is to gather elements of life, places, time and situations and weave them into stories. To design a story that draws a reader in and leaves an impression that has the reader emotionally invested is an art.

An Artist creates art through a canvas or sculpture to express mood, emotion and self-expression. Often times there is chaos in those mediums that expresses what many relate to in life or they trigger memories. When artists do this, they bring the essence of the human condition and their surroundings to life expressed through the different styles of their work and bring a powerful reality into their creations.

A Photographer is an artist who captures a moment in an instant and holds it without change. The picture captures an existence of different mediums such as landscape, portraits, buildings, and any other form you can think of. We see these images through a photographer’s eye. Like an artist who captures these things on canvas or a writer who captures this with words, a photographer’s picture is the same concept.

Each medium l’ve presented here is an expression and in its simplest form, each medium tells a story.  My passion is to capture their essence in L.A.P. it Marketing and to give understanding to the craft so many will have a deeper understanding of the three and their importance. Not only that, I want to give these artists a fresh and creative way to share their interpretations through social media.

Stephanie M. Hopkins

Photo by WSM Photography


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