Mary Rowlandson’s Rescue by Alfred Woollacott, III

Me in Summer time 2017I have found Alfred Woollacott’s article Mary Rowlandson’s Rescue to be fascinating because much of this history relates to Alfred’s ancestry.  Not only that but the time period Al writes about in the article below, marks King Philip’s War as the last major effort by the Indians to force out English settlers in the Southern New England part of the Americas. Many people and towns suffered greatly during this war and many were surrendered and were sold into slavery.

Furthermore, what interest me about this post is Mary Rowlandson and the lengths John Hoare went to for her release. The ordeal she experienced is undoubtedly traumatic and how she endured it is extraordinary.

I have many thoughts and questions about King Philip’s War, the people captured and having read the blog post below I am starting to have a deeper understanding of its history and look forward to learning more.

Stephanie M. Hopkins

A Narrtive of captive

Mary Rowlandson’s Rescue

At sunrise on 10 February 1676 during King Philips’s War. Native Americans attacked the remote town of Lancaster, killing thirteen and taking over twenty-four captives, among them Mary Rowlandson and her three children. Her six-year-old daughter succumbed from her wounds after a week of captivity. For eleven weeks, Mary and her children were forced to accompany their captors as they raided other settlements and eluded the English militia. On 2 May, Concord’s John Hoare paid a £20 ransom while at Redemption Rock  in Princeton, and Mary’s ordeal ended…read more of the article HERE

About Author:

Alfred W

Alfred Woollacott, III retired from KPMG after a career spanning 34 years, choosing to reside full time at his summer residence on Martha’s Vineyard. Being “45 minutes from America” and with a 50 – 60 hour per week void to fill, he began dabbling into his family history. His dabbling grew into an obsession, and he published several genealogical summaries of his ancestors. But certain ones absorbed him such that he could not leave them. So he researched their lives and times further while evolving his writing skills from “just the facts ma’am” to a fascinating narrative style. Thus with imagination, anchored in fact and tempered with plausibility, a remote ancestor can achieve a robust life as envisioned by a writer with a few drops of his ancestor’s blood in his veins.

When not writing, Al serves on several Boards, and keeps physically active with golf, tennis, and hockey. He and his wife of 44 years, Jill, have four children and ten grandchildren.

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1 thought on “Mary Rowlandson’s Rescue by Alfred Woollacott, III

  1. My family line was one of the families massasured by the aboriginals John Ball ,his wife ,infant son ,and 10 year old son — the eight year old daughter was taken captive along with others at the same time as Mrs Rolingson .John Ball’s older son and daughter were with their grandparents and were not part of the raid .O am a descendant of the son on my grandmother Balls Side.


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