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Wow! What a wild ride! When I was first asked to review Lost and Found, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Service Dogs? Kidnappings? Autism? Medical drama? I was a little concerned about how all of those were going to relate to one another, but my concerns were unfounded because once this story got rolling, I was completely swept away. Shojai melded all of these things together in a nearly seamless flow.

Written in third person, the narration alternates between different perspectives. The primary character, September Day, has a past that colors a lot of her decisions. Although details about her past were slow in coming, by the end of the story, her character really comes full circle, and I felt like I really understood her and her motivations as a character.

The secondary characters were well-rounded too. Officer Combs, a cop battered by undeserved scandal, added a great layer to the story without falling into the romance trap, which was really refreshing. The most refreshing thing, however, was the service dog Shadow’s perspective. I thought that it was really sweet & endearing, and it really did seem like how a dog would speak if they used words. Shojai’s knowledge of canines shines in Shadow’s narration.

The plot itself was full of tension, suspense and several nail-biting moments. All of the events felt believable but still held that “I can’t believe it” feeling. Two of the most intriguing aspects of the plot are the treatment & life of those with an autistic child and the German Shepard service dogs. I really appreciated how well she handled the autism aspect. It was tasteful and conveyed respect for those with autism and those who care for them.

If you are looking for suspense & crime drama with a twist, then Lost and Found is a read for you. 4 stars.

Beth Bulow
Review Team Member

Maria Grace’s novella The Future Mrs. Darcy is a variation of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It introduces the readers to the Bennet family in a way that clarifies the character and foibles of the family. Grace has a knack for recreating Austen’s world and breathing life into her characters. The Future Mrs. Darcy is the second in THE GOOD PRINCIPLES series which is aptly named. I found myself reading long into the night to see how the Bennet family would deal the recalcitrant Lydia. While the storyline is different from Pride and Prejudice, Grace remains true to Austen’s creations. I found it quite fun to see favorite characters in a different story. I am looking forward to reading more in the series. I heartily recommend The Future Mrs. Darcy to Jane Austen fans everywhere.

Author Michele Kallio
Review Team Member

The Grave Blogger, Donna D. Fontenot’s first novel is a clever, fast paced and extremely twisted psychological thriller. Drawing on her upbringing in a cajun household in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the author was able to clearly capture the essence and flavor of small town life near a bayou. Cleverly intertwining her personal passions of computers and blogging, she has created a unique and realistic main character with a intriguing and unusual occupation.

Raya Landry, the main character is a freelance writer and professional blogger, who researches and investigates cold cases for true crime websites. While researching her newest cold case, Raya has a curious and disturbing flashback of a brutal and horrific slaying of an entire family. Discovering that she is the lone survivor, Raya embarks on a journey to solve the twenty year old homicide case, despite the possible risks of becoming the killers next target.

Overall the book was a fantastic page turner that was very hard to put down. The characters were believable, yet a bit quirky at the same time, which kept the reader wanting to know more.

Throughout the novel, each character was given its own voice and the reader was able to experience the world through their eyes. Especially fascinating is the killer’s perspective. The killer is extremely twisted, diabolical, and merciless – toying with the victims and psychologically torturing them, before ultimately ending their lives. As often is the case, the villain has the most disturbing and compelling role.

At the conclusion, the author leaves open the opportunity for a possible book two in the adventures of a true crime blogger. Looking forward to more novels from this impressive new author.  
Emily Pryer
Review Team Member

How I hadn’t heard about this book before now, I have no idea. Now I feel that it is my duty to let others know about it. This was an exciting story about survival in the most extreme circumstances.
Grace’s father is missing, and presumed dead. But she feels that he’s still out there somewhere. It just might take some time to find him in the thousands of acres of wild where he disappeared. Her years of wilderness training couldn’t be more useful.

My favorite part of this book is the writing style. S.R. Johannes has a unique voice which is carried through her characters. Each one, either hero or villain, is a perfect fit with their surroundings.
Each chapter begins with a survival skill, but as the book progresses, the tips become less wilderness safety, and more paranoid and defensive, giving clues to the direction of the story. There is certainly no lack of suspense. I could feel the puzzle pieces fitting together, each clue leading to the bigger picture.

So, help me spread the word! Untraceable is a great read! 4 Stars!!

Lindsay Galloway
Review Team Member

More reviews coming up tomorrow here on Layered Pages! Stay tuned!

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