Confessions of A Book Blogger

Stay calm and support book bloggers

Book Bloggers are a unique breed of readers. Our passion for reading and sharing that passion runs deep within us. We have to express ourselves in this form of medium. We live a thousand lives through reading. We adore the written word. We not only do it for ourselves, but for other readers like us.

Book Blogging isn’t always easy and we need help from the authors we shine a light on. We want our favorite authors to succeed and reaching out to as many readers as possible. By doing this, it takes both the authors and bloggers to support each other. Often times I hear authors talk about on social media how they aren’t reaching the audience they want. So here is what I have to say about that.

Authors, you want to increase your audience on social media? There are several ways in doing that. Today, I’m going to talk about supporting the book blogger. You see, we are a major part of your social media success.

Check list for supporting book bloggers:

  1. Be patient: Book Bloggers have day jobs and families to take care of to.
  2. When you appear as a guest on their blogs, take note of it and save the post link(s). Share and tweet that post on a regular basis.
  3. Be sure to always thank a book blogger for their support. Maybe even send them a copy of your book or bookmarks. We love those and will most likely spread the word on social media when an author does this. Another great marketing tool.
  4. Book Bloggers are not your everyday reader. Most of us are book reviewers and professional readers. We are required to give an honest analyses of books we review. This is the norm. So it needs to be expected.
  5. Follow blogger’s websites, twitter profile and Facebook pages. See what they are up too on goodreads. Engage regularly with book bloggers.
  6. If you have a disagreement with a blogger, do not further engage or get on social media and smear their name. This will only hurt you and your book sales. Just move on. It’s only one person out of millions.
  7. When you appear as a guest on blogs or if they review as part of a tour, please comment on the post and thank them. Show to their audience you care and appreciate their hard work in hosting you.
  8. When others comment on the post, thank them as well. Engage.

There is that word again. Engage. Do it the right way and you will reap the rewards.

Next up on Confessions of a Book Blogger, I will be discussing how Bloggers should support authors. To be posted on February 16th.

Stephanie M. Hopkins

16 thoughts on “Confessions of A Book Blogger

  1. All points are extremely helpful and totally to the point. I just wished I knew more about ‘blogging’ To some readers/writers it is like a second nature, but to me it is a great mystery , I don’t know where to start.

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