History Book Recommendations

History Recommedations

I’m looking for non-fiction and historical fiction titles of the following:

(Note: I’d like the Historical Fiction titles to be as accurate as possible of historic events. This list reads like a history book glossary, I know.)

  1. Stories and historic events that take place in Africa.
  2. Mesopotamia
  3. Events including Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.
  4. Empire of China
  5. Alexander-Empire-Builder
  6. Ancient Rome and Early Christianity
  7. The Kingdom of Aksum and East African Trade
  8. Hunters and Farmers in the Americas
  9. Byzantium becomes the New Rome
  10. Germanic Kingdom Under Charlemagne
  11. The Age of Chivalry
  12. Church Reform and the Crusades
  13. Trade, Towns, and the Financial Revolution
  14. Mayan Kings and Cites
  15. The Aztecs control over Central Mexico
  16. The Inca
  17. The Ottoman’s Empire
  18. The Columbian Exchange and Global Trade
  19. The Enlightenment of Europe
  20. Age of Democracy and Progress
  21. Peace of Augsburg ends religious wars in Germany 1555.

My Thanks! I appreciate the help.

Stephanie M. Hopkins

Image (Public Domain): Peasant Dance, c. 1568, oil on wood, by Pieter Brueghel the Elder


Don’t Lose Sight

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